CHC Harvest Kidz 01022015

Since the start of the year, we have been attending City Harvest Church. While J stays in the main sanctuary, I will bring Little E to the nursery that has rooms for babies ranging in age from 0 – 24 months old. For Little E, we have been entering the 16 -24 mo room for the past few weeks. This week, I decided to bring Little E to the Harvest Kidz session instead.

CHCHK 01022015

Tons of toys during freeplay session to keep Little E occupied.

The session started with 30 min of freeplay in the carpeted room. There were tons of toys that were separated into different areas, including a myriad of miniature cookware and food items, toy trains and cars with train tracks and bridges, toy animals, etc. There is also a mini slide, as well as an area for reading and learning.

Harvest Kidz 01022015

Gearing up for praise and worship.

After the freeplay, everybody cleaned up and kept away the toys, and the children were divided into 2 groups, led by different teachers who were in uniforms. Little E was in the orange group, and mingled well with the other kids in the same group. They sang and danced together during the music and movement session, followed by the praise and worship segment.

Harvest Kidz 01022015

Little E handing over her craft work.

Then the children in their respective groups, gathered for the Bible storytelling session. This week, the Bible story on “Jesus Talks with a Samaritan Woman” in John 4 was told to the children. After the story, they were guided on how to create a well bucket using a paper cup, a pipe cleaner, and decorative stickers. Upon completion, we were also given the memory verse (Psalm 31:7) to paste onto the bucket.

Then the bell rang, and the two groups switched places. The orange group where Little E was in, now found themselves with Teacher Ferlin who has set up a well using large lego blocks; while the green group got busy with making their well bucket. The children sat around the colourful well and listened intently.

Little E listening intently

Then each of the children were given a chance to simulate drawing water from the well, using a large bucket with a string attached to the well. After the activity, snacks were given to the children to fill up their hungry tums tums!

Little E eating snacks

Little E eating snacks

All the while we were there, the parents can choose to tune in to listen to the sermon which was on live cast projected on a big screen, or follow their children, guiding them through each of the activity.

Buckets waiting to be collected

We were really blessed today, to have discovered such an all-rounded children ministry for CHC’s little ones. We exited the room to find all the craft work lined up on top of the shoe shelf, waiting to be collected. We found Little E’s craft work, took it, and left for the main sanctuary to join J for the closing song and benediction.

Little E praying

Little E praying

On the way home, J eagerly shared with me the gist of the sermon, as he had been doing so every week since the start of the new year. I feel so blessed to see him leading us spiritually. Praise the Lord!

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