Reunion Dinner with Friends

Group shot at Imperial Treasure

We had an advanced reunion dinner with close friends tonight. Instead of the Lo Hei that we usually have annually, this year we had our dinner at Imperial Treasures Steamboat Restaurant in Ion Orchard. As it was still early, the restaurant has not introduced its Lo Hei yet!

Haagen Dazs

After dinner, we adjourned for Haagen Dazs for a sweet ending to our lovely night! Our five dollies (minus Tristan the dude) in the above picture is such a precious one for keepsake!

Faith and Little E

Oh! And what a blessing to bump into the Goh Family while we were at Haagen Dazs! They were dining in Paradise Dynasty, just next door to Imperial Treasures Steamboat Restaurant. It was so nice for Little E to meet and greet with Faith, while we had a good chat with Shu Jin and Iris!

Vera and Little E

And my favourite photo for the night was Vera holding hands with Little E.

As we walked through Marks & Spencer to get to our car which was parked in Wheelock Place, a pretty pinky Percy Pig plush toy caught the eyes of our little one… She was so fond of it that she didn’t want to part with it. We contemplated buying it for her as she cuddled it in such sweet-loving emotions… Awww… My heart melted as I looked at her…

Eventually, she did part with Percy Pig and left it behind as she rested her sleepy head on my shoulders… It was a blessed night! Good night all!

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