CHC Harvest Kidz 07022015

J and I have resolved to attend worship services for both CHC and Zion Serangoon BPC. On weeks that we will be worshipping in Zion, we will worship in CHC on Saturdays. Hence, since tomorrow we’ll be in Zion, today we attended CHC’s Saturday evening service.

While J and Mum and Dad were in the main sanctuary, Little E and I were in the Children’s Ministry. That was our little one playing with the plethora of toys surrounding her… till it was time for all to clean up! clean up!

Clean up toys

After helping to pack away the toys, the teachers engaged the children in the music and movement segment, singing popular children songs, followed by Sunday school songs in worship and praise.

Bible storytime was on John 17, the account on Jesus praying. It is such a privilege to have our Lord Jesus praying for us, and now interceding for us, being our Mediator, Intercessor. And how blessed are we to be able to commune with God too through prayer!

Craft work 07022015

The children were then divided into 2 groups – with 1 group making craft, while the other learnt about colours in an engaging activity. The groups then swapped and were given enough time to complete each activity.

As today was the first Saturday of February, it was also the day that the Children Ministry celebrated the birthdays of February babies! The children were given the chance to share the birthday cakes during snack time!

Little E really enjoyed the sponge cakes! That was her with her Sunday school friend Jethro, digging into their shares of the birthday cake! Yum Yum!

As I carried Little E and walked up the stairs leading towards J in the main sanctuary, hidden amongst the crowd, I saw J, in the uppermost row of the T1 segment, eyes closed, hands out-stretched, praying… In fact, everyone’s hands are stretched out wide in answer to the pastor’s call to join hands together as the church prays as one.

Today’s preacher, A.R. Bernard had gone back to the US due to the sudden unforeseen demise of his son. Although we missed the opportunity to listen to God’s message through him, we had the privilege to listen to Ps Tan Ye Ping who delivered a message that cannot be more apt in our current circumstance.

I took J’s hands while his eyes were still closed, he opened his eyes and was delighted to see us. We prayed together, sang the closing song, and left church with an affirmed faith in the God who sees us. We have our trust in the One and Only Almighty who heals, out of unconditional agape love.

“Whom have I in heaven but Thee? And earth has nothing I desire besides Thee. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” (Psalm 73:25-26)

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