New Milestone – Knowing her Vegetables

Little E picked out the correct vegetables for me today! She would pick out the correct vegetable according to my request, and place them, one after the other, into the large bowl.

The fact that she could tell the green and red capsicum apart shows that she does know her primary colours too! Knowing that this was the very first time we did this exercise, it goes to show even if your toddler did not seem like he/she was interested in what you were teaching them, they actually listened and learnt despite the lack of positive body language.

Although Little E did not finish the entire activity, I couldn’t blame her for her short attention span because she did really well for picking out the correct vegetables for me at least 95% of the time…. until the large bowl could not accommodate another piece of vegetable anymore. And that was when she flung out the asparagus and carrot, and raised her hands because I said, “Praise the Lord!”

Little E turned 17 months old today.

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