Botanical Gardens with Mum & Dad

BG 08022015

This evening, I drove Mum & Dad and Little E to the Botanical Gardens for a walk-and-jog. Well, I jogged with Little E in her stroller, while Mum & Dad had their romantic walk towards the Amphitheatre where they sat on the green grass and spent some time there.

BG 08022015

Earlier during our jog, we ran into this large monitor lizard, crawling along the side of the road, drawing to itself a horde following it from behind. Little E was all calm and in composure even though the monitor lizard was crawling towards her. That’s my girl! ❤

BG 08022015

All of us met again at the Black Swan Lake. That was 嫲嫲 carrying Little E to watch the turtles feeding on bread that was thrown to them by bystanders, while 爷爷 was relaxing on the grass watching over them.

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