Little Ones Club 08022015 – Judges 6

LOC 08022015

At the Little Ones Club today, Little E along with all the other children role-played as the oppressed Israelites in the Bible story in Judges 6:1-24 “Gideon Becomes Israel’s Judge”. In the picture above, they were hiding from the Midianites, in the stronghold that the Israelites have made for themselves (v 2).

LOC 08022015

Teacher Rachel then pulled out 3 different packets of stuff and placed them before the children. She then asked the little ones which packet do they think contains the icing biscuits that they love. Although it may be tempting to choose the colourful packet, or the packet that looked most attractive, the children were all too smart to choose the most ordinary looking brown packet.

Upon revealing the contents of the correct packet, the children couldn’t wait to get their hands on the icing biscuits! 😀 Rachel then continued to expound on the Bible story, using this as an analogy to explain to the little children on how God does not look upon our external appearance to determine if He will use us to accomplish great things. Just like how He chose Gideon of all people, who was the least in his entire family, and whose clan was the weakest in the whole tribe of Manasseh (v 15). No matter how small or weak we are, God can use us, for He is the Source of our strength.

After the meaningful Bible story, Rachel distributed the icing biscuits as well as adorable stickers to all the children before they were dismissed. Earlier today, the children did sing praises and worshipped the Lord they love, jumping and making joyful noises unto the Lord as described in Psalm 100.

LOC 08022015

Little E giving her offering after praise and worship.

May the Lord find us useful and take us to refine us, and make us become useful vessels of blessings to the people whom He has placed in our paths. Be blessed! ❤

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