New Milestone – First Words

Little E has started to speak her first words: Duck Duck, Turtle, More! Ball, Bear, etc.

She would ask for more food or for us to play with her more by saying, “MORE? MORE!” Awww… I can’t resist such requests from her… She sounded too cute!

Little E said “Turtle” when we were at MacRitchie Reservoir this evening, where Mum taught her while they were looking at the turtles swimming in the reservoir. Mum and Dad looked after Little E, while J and I jogged together into the woods. That was her pointing at the picture of a turtle in the “Moses’ Big Adventure: Lift-the-Flap” book, and saying “turtle”!

Animal sounds

Little E also imitates the sounds of animals like Woof Woof, Roar Roar, Miao Miao, Moo Moo, etc. Without any reference to pictures, Little E showed understanding and knowledge of which sounds belong to which animals, by responding with uttering the correct animal sounds to whichever animal I called out.

Animal sounds

Little E was 17 months old.

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