Valentine’s Day 2015

J went to work early this morning for his ward rounds, while Little E and I slept on till 9 am. To my surprise, he came home with a bouquet of flowers for me! Awwww… Yes, J is not only romantic, he is an awesome husband to me, and a loving and gentle father to Little E.

V day 2015

Instead of being out on the streets, strutting around, getting lost in the crowd in town on the great V-day, we attended a trial class for Little E at the Medley Music School this morning.

Since the teachers at Sparkanauts have more than once informed us of Little E’s inclination to music, we thought it would be good for Little E to try out some music classes, mainly for some playtime and to learn about different musical instruments.

This, the Medley Music School does very well, in that there were so many different musical instruments played during the class, along with the introduction of many songs sang by the teacher in perfect-pitch.

Little E paid full attention and was fully engaged throughout the entire 1 hr in class. She was comfortable and confident in the calm, quiet and conducive environment. In line with the school’s vision, we believe that skills such as musical sensitivity and keen auditory skills can be fostered and developed in a child through consistent musical activities.

We were both so proud of Little E by the end of the class. She did incredibly well and followed through brilliantly, without any unnecessary pressure or intervention from us or the teacher. We will wait for Medley Music School to garner enough students to commence a weekday class. We are currently on their waiting list. Can’t wait for Little E to attend another class with the school!

After the trial class, we went back home for a nap! Since last night, J had been so excited about the programme he had arranged for me for today. Just yesterday, he seemed like he couldn’t contain his excitement, always almost spilling out the surprise he has planned, but he managed to keep it a mystery till the very last minute.

I was almost confidently certain and sure that he has arranged for a hair appointment for me in a salon, because he has always wanted me to treat myself to a pampering session of hair treatment. Besides, the last time I had been to a salon was February 2014 in Penang during CNY. However, J drove us towards Marina Bay Sands, parked his car, and led me to the hotel itself… For a moment, I thought, “Is there a hair salon in MBS?” But what other establishment require a prior arrangement? Then we stepped into the elevator and were transported up to the 55th floor…

Choosing my treatment at  Banyan Tree Spa

Choosing my treatment at Banyan Tree Spa

Set as the tallest Banyan Tree Spa with spectacular views on the 55th level of iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel, I arrived at the entrance with my mouth opened in pleasant surprise. In my mind, I was thinking, “How is this going to work out? What about Little E?” J knew exactly what I was worried about, and reassured me that while I enjoy the treatment, he will babysit our little one… Awww… I felt like his queen!

While I was enjoying the Lomi Lomi massage that promises to ease away and loosen my stressed muscles, Little E was safely and lovingly taken care of by her awesome father.

During my massage, J sent me photos of what he was doing with Little E, where he brought her, etc. just so I could really have a peace of mind and fully enjoy the deeply revitalising massage. This V-day present from J is truly touching and heartwarming. Never would I ever have dreamt of indulging myself in a surprise spa experience while he selflessly babysat Little Elizabeth for 2 hrs! ❤ ❤ ❤

After the massage, I was ushered to the Tea Lounge which boasts of a spectacular panoramic view of the Marina Bay area. We had our post-treatment refreshments, and went home straight after to while away the rest of this year’s very special V-day.

View from the Tea Room

If J can love me so much, looking past my imperfections and mistakes, how much more is the love of Christ for us all? My husband’s selfless and sacrificial act of love for me brings Ephesians 5:22-33 clear into my mind, reminding me of the perfect, infallible, unconditional love of Christ Jesus, our Lord.

O’ Heavenly Father, my God, my Lord, may you grant me grace and faithfulness to love my husband with a pure and chaste love, respect him at all times, and obey him in all good things. I pray that You will keep me from worldliness and vanity, and grant me the desire to fix my eyes upon You, my Lord. Help me, dear Jesus, that under J’s headship, I may prudently and discreetly guide and govern his household; also give me wisdom to fulfil my part in the education of our little one, that she may be our joy in this world. May You, my Lord, make me a pleasing sight to J, that I may be effective in soothing him in times of perplexity; a joy for him to behold, that I may be successful in cheering him in times of difficulty; a fountain of refreshing vibes for him to approach in times when he is weary; and, as far as may be, a source of wisdom and guidance from You, to provide appropriate advice whenever he is in doubt. O faithful and gracious Lord, may You grant J perfect health and fitness, that he may live life to the fullest and enjoy as many days for as long as the heavens remain above the earth! Last but not least, may You grant our perfect union to be the beginning of the still more perfect and blissful union hereafter in Thy kingdom. This I pray in the precious and holy name of my Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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