CNY Reunion with my Family!

Little E in her cheongsam


We will be leaving for Penang tomorrow to celebrate Chinese New Year with Mum and Dad, so reunion dinner with my family was brought forward to today! Awww… No sumptuous steamboat spread again this year… but never mind, we just had it together with VA on Christmas Day!

Wo Peng CNY menu 2015

Wo Peng CNY menu 2015

This year, we have decided to dine at Wo Peng Restaurant in Serangoon Garden. Although we were 5 adults + 1 child, we unanimously agreed to choose the CNY menu fit for 4 pax, which turned out to be more than enough for all of us.

The $288++ menu consists of:

1. Prosperity Salmon Yu-sheng with Crispy Fish Skin 春风得意齐捞起 (炸鱼皮, 三文鱼生捞起)

2. Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Assorted Seafood 大展宏图 (红烧海味翅)

3. WOPENG “Poon Choy” – Braised with Australian “8” head Abalone and Assorted Dried Seafood in Casserole 盆满钵满 (和平首创鲍鱼盆菜)

4. Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice with Mixed Waxed Sausages 五谷丰收 (生炒腊味糯米饭)

5. Pan-fried “Nian Gao”in HK Style 年年高升 (香煎港式年糕)

6. Double-boiled Snow Fungus with Red Dates and Rice Dumplings 幸福团圆 (八宝雪耳炖汤圆)

Portions were good, tastes were superb, and service was prompt. Besides the CNY menu, we also ordered a steamed fish for Little E to go with a bowl of white rice.

Mom and Little E

Little E did sit through the dinner very well tonight, only towards the end of the meal did we take turns to bring her for a walk. That was my Mom gladly carrying Little E in her arms, posing beside the prosperity plant. She was more than happy to volunteer caring for Little E whenever the little one wanted out of the highchair!

Reunion at Wo Peng

We chatted till late, then realised we did not take a picture when dinner was served. Hence, before we left the restaurant, the manager (who is also my mother’s friend) helped us snap a beautiful picture of our family. ❤

Blessed Lunar New Year everyone! May the Lord’s richest blessings in joy, love and peace be upon us all always.

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