CNY in Penang – Day 2

Day 2: Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La, Batu Ferringhi

Breakfast buffet

We enjoyed our hearty buffet breakfast in the Garden Café that is situated next to the resort lobby. Overlooking tropical greenery, the Garden Café serves a combination of international and local favourites.


After breakfast, J arranged a hair treatment appointment for me! We took a cab to Gurney Plaza, where Jantzen Salon was located. It has been a year since we last patronised this salon. During the 2 hr treatment, J took care of Little E, and brought her to kiddy rides, Toys-R-Us, and an indoor playground, while waiting for me.

Just 3 days ago during Valentines Day, J had already given me a surprise spa treatment at The Banyan Tree Spa in Marina Bay Sands Singapore, while he babysat Little E for the 2 hr treatment. And now, he gave me another 2 hr pampering session at Jantzen Salon! What sacrificial love!

Maple Palace

Dad and Mum came to pick us up from Gurney Plaza, and we went to Maple Palace to have our reunion lunch with Uncle Mike and Aunty Pek Har. We caught up with each other while sampling and savouring the sumptuous food that were served to us. Maple Palace Restaurant, located at 47, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang, Malaysia, is a Chinese restaurant that serves elaborate and delicious Cantonese cuisine. Whenever we come to Penang, we would love to go to Maple Palace for a meal.

Siew Bao from Aunty Choi See

Dad and Mum dropped us back at Golden Sands Resort, and we returned to our suite for an afternoon nap. In the evening, Dad and Mum came by to pass us the Siew Paos that were home-made by Aunty Choi See. These Siew Paos are the bestest of all, even better than those famous brands that are sold commercially! Whenever we come to Penang, Aunty Choi See would always make a batch just for us, because she knows how much we love them! How lovely and heartwarming of her to be so incredibly thoughtful and loving!

Dad swimming with Little E

After our evening snack, we went to the pool for a swim, before spending some time at the beach. That was 爷爷 with Little E swimming together in the deep pool.

It was Little E’s first time at a beach. It was natural to see that she was fearful of the approaching incoming waves as they hollered and billowed towards us. Nonetheless, we thanked God for giving us the opportunity to enjoy this experience with her together!

Little E loves playing with sand! Equipped with her stacking cups, she can be left alone scooping and pouring sand all day long, without being bored. We joined in her sand adventure by digging a pit in the sand. We scooped, dug, and shovelled till the pit was deep and wide enough to place Little E in! Then we took a family photo for our first experience at the beach together as a family.

JRE at the beach

As we had a heavy reunion lunch at Maple Palace, we opted for a light dinner tonight. Our loving and caring Mum was very kind to bring over her home-cooked food so that we could enjoy dinner in the comfort of the suite. Tonight’s scrumptious dinner included herbal chicken and braised pork eaten with angel hair pasta as our main course, followed by a platter of papaya for dessert. Yum-meh!! Hmmmm… We love love love the meal!

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