CNY in Penang – Day 3 农历新年除夕

Day 3: CNY Eve 农历新年除夕

Today was the day we checked out of Golden Sands Resort. Time flies! We have already spent 2 nights there, and now it was time to return home with Mum and Dad! How excited! Although the suite was nice and cozy, and the resort was well-equipped with fantastic facilities and fun-filled activities (e.g. horse riding on the beach, paragliding, jet-skiing, banana boat rides, etc.), it is after all, not home.

We had a relaxing day at home today, followed by an evening walk up Pearl Hill together with Dad and Mum! We came home to shower and freshened up to get ready for our reunion dinner prepared by Mum!



Little E was dressed up as a 小格格, decked out in a 红旗袍 (red cheongsam), 红绣花鞋 (red shoes) and a 牡丹花冠 (peony head gear)! She looked so pretty!

Reunion dinner fare

Mum made Garlic Butter Prawns, Steamed Pomfret, and Vegetables, served with healthy brown rice. On top of that, Aunty Choi See also gave us Lok Bak and Jiu Hu Char! Hence, we had an awesome spread of very good food for all of us tonight! Yums!! Praise the Lord for His multifold blessings upon us!

Today was also the day Little E experienced an explosion of words! She spoke lots of new words today, including 爷爷! That was the sweetest sound we have heard thus far. Little E also knew how to differentiate the different intonation of 妈妈 (ma1 ma1) and 嫲嫲 (ma3 ma3). 3 claps for her!

Blessed Lunar New Year to all!

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2 Responses to CNY in Penang – Day 3 农历新年除夕

  1. singaporeartgalleryguide says:

    Dear Rebecca,
    it is amazing to see little E grow up so fast in your pics. She is awesome!
    Thanks also for the yummy food pics (makes me hungry!) and for sharing your travel adventures.

    • cykrebecca says:

      Thank you Irene! It’s so nice to hear from you again! How have you been? Now that she’s older, there are so many activities to do, we hardly have time left to quench our thirst for art appreciation! Awww.. I miss those days when we happily visited museums!!!

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