CNY in Penang – CNY Day 1 农历新年, 大年除一

Day 4: CNY Day 1 农历新年, 大年除一

Little E in cheongsam

Little E was up and ready to greet everyone 恭喜恭喜! 新年蒙恩! in the morning. We dressed her up in a red and gold cheongsam which fits her perfectly. J loves this outfit the most. ❤

Mum & Dad carrying Little E on CNY Day 1

Along with lunar new year greetings and blessings (吉祥話) said out loud to 爷爷嫲嫲, Little E received 2 ang pows from each of the “grannies”! The Lord, through them, have blessed Little E with an abundance of blessings not just on today, but since she was born till present, and we are still counting the blessings along with her growth.

JRE Family photo

Before we left for CNY relatives visitation, Mum helped us captured a brilliant family photograph at home! We love it!

CNY Visitation

Then off we went to Aunty Nellie’s house, where we met the other relatives (our 长辈们) and chatted and caught up with each other.

Little E with the poodle

Little E also made a new “friend” while we were busy → an enthusiastic friendly little poodle!

Cheongsam Dollies

Cheongsam Dollies

Then off we went to Uncle Eng Hin’s house to visit other relatives there. We caught up with Darren and Jade, as well as Eu Cheng. After the visitation, we drove to an Indian restaurant to have lunch with Uncle Mike and Aunty Pek Har. It was my first time eating from a fresh banana leaf that served as the plate to hold the rice and condiments! Yum-meh!

This evening, while Mum was preparing dinner for us all, Dad serenaded Little E with his guitar, while he sang for her. That was Little E enjoying her 爷爷’s company and singing, along with his playing, raising both hands up in the air and dancing along to the tune. 😀

J playing piano with E

The dinner was as sumptuous as yesterday’s. In fact, we had the same dishes! Eaten all over again because there was so much food, it overflowed to the next day (according to the Chinese saying 年年有余, which symbolised “abundance through the year”).

J tickling E

After dinner, there was father-daughter bonding time between J and Little E. J taught Little E how to play some keys off the piano, and later cuddled her while playing some tickling games with her on the couch. Life is very blissful. Praise the Lord for such wonderful family time!

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