CNY in Penang – CNY Day 2 农历新年, 大年除二

Day 5: CNY Day 2 农历新年, 大年除二

Today was the day we will be returning home. Our flight was scheduled at 6.05 pm. In the late morning, we went to Uncle KG’s house for CNY visitation. Same as last year, an awesome spread of delicious food was prepared for all his relatives and guests. We were very blessed to be the recipients of his generosity once again!

CNY Day 2

All the food were prepared by his wife, Aunty Choi See. Yes! the same lady who made the decadent Siew Paus for us! The biryani is the best we have ever tasted. Actually, even the curry chicken, mutton, prawns, fried bee hoon, etc. were all deemed to be the best! Aunty Choi See is really very gifted in her cooking skills. Among all the food she has prepared, the prized dish that everyone was excited about, is the roast suckling pig (烧乳猪) that Uncle KG went to great lengths to procure it.

Elizabeth looking sweet in her 新春衣袍!

Elizabeth looking sweet in her 新春衣袍!

Even Little E had her fill of the very tasty fried bee hoon! That was her looking very satisfied and happy, accompanied by Aunty Choi See’s very kind and smiley sister, who took care of Little E while we were digging into the yummylicious food.

After the scrumptious lunch, we returned home for an afternoon nap, before getting ready to leave for the airport on time. The above pictures were taken just minutes before we left the house: Little E climbed up the bench and played the piano by herself; 爷爷 showing Little E how to play the piano with knuckles. 🙂

We are very thankful for all the people who love us through all seasons. God has blessed us tremendously with awesome people who care about us and love us from the bottom of their hearts. We have our parents and siblings always there for us, supporting us, and loving us unconditionally. May the Lord bless them always and forever.

❤ ❤ ❤

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