CHC Harvest Kidz 22022015

We look forward to worshipping in CHC every weekend. For today, as CNY is still on, CHC had a combined service, where both the Chinese and English congregations worshipped together as one united church.

Harvest Kidz 22022015

Little E during the free play session

I was expecting that the children’s ministry would be full, but thank God, there were more than enough Sunday school teachers present to conduct the classes. Besides having more fun during the music and movement session as a result of having more children, even the activity sessions were filled with cheerful laughter.

Little E with her artwork

Little E with her artwork

The bible story that was told to the children today was from the bible account of “Zaccheus the Tax Collector” in Luke 19:1-10. Joy is an appropriate response to God’s initiative. In this case, Zaccheus responded with gladness when Jesus called him down from the tree (v6). Touched by Jesus and responding with faith, Zaccheus exemplifies the restoration of a “lost one” and generously opens up his resources to be shared with others. Likewise, may we also find immense joy and respond in faith when God seeks us and calls us. That was Little E with her completed craft work (tree that Zaccheus was on) with February’s memory verse. Little E has also mastered the actions of the memory verse!

The next activity station taught the little children in their fine motor skills – scooping dried pasta, but more than that, the little children were taught to serve their friends. Little E had always been a keen observer when it comes to learning new things…

When it was her turn, she successfully ladled pasta onto the plates with the assistance of her teacher. Then she willingly served the plates of pasta to her friends.

Harvest Kidz

The next station was learning about animals and the willingness to share the toy with their neighbours, along with learning new songs, as they sang and danced together. Little E has never had any problems with sharing toys, especially when they do not belong to her in the first place. It was with great joy to see her enjoying the activity because she knows all the animals that were used in this station.

Snack time

That was the last and final station of learning for today! As usual, snacks were given to all the children before they were dismissed.

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