Sand Play at Bishan-AMK Park

Today, we went out with our neighbours again! We drove to Bishan-AMK Park, which is just under 10 min away from our home. When we reached there, we took a leisurely walk towards the playground.

Little E with soccer ball

Little E has always loved to play with sand. When she saw the large playground, she couldn’t wait to trudge her little feet through the sand!

Little E and LT playing sand

And there she was, together with 4 yo LT, patting sand into their “cookery pots”! Little E could sit there scooping and pouring without sensing the passing of time.

Little E and LT playing sand

And me? I think I could just sit there and watch her experience new adventures every single day! What is new for her as a little being experiencing this new world, is as new for me being a new mother caring and appreciating life with her.

Little E and LT on the miniature see-saw

Little E and LT on the miniature see-saw

It was such a blessing to see them enjoying each other’s company, as they went around trying all the features found in the playground.

Riding the waves

Riding the waves

Besides having fun on the miniature see-saw, Little E was excitedly walking up and down the wavy platform, “surfing” the waves like a professional as she goes.

Cheryl with her 4 yo son, Isaac came to join us in the park about an hour later! Their presence added much fun to our playdate! That was Isaac helping to push the swing that Little E was on, before he sat down on his! I love this sweet boy.

Sweet butterfly

Little E, my sweet butterfly

Besides giving our children the opportunity to know each other better through playing and shared experiences, this playdate also allowed us mothers to catch up with each other, as we opened up and shared on parenting skills. We too enjoyed our time at the park!

Moment of repose

Moment of repose

We shall end this blogpost with a picture of me and LT on the miniature see-saw, I was thinking, “How I wished I could go back in time and relive my wonderful childhood again… I wished I could shrink and fit in the see-saw like our neighbour LT here too!” Hee!

I wish I was small again

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