Growing Kids God’s Way

We signed up for a new course of Growing Kids God’s Way (GKGW) in Zion BPC, and today was the day of commencement for the 17-week course! It will run from March to December 2015, consisting of study classes, fellowship outings, as well as holiday breaks in-between, stretched across a total of 30 weeks altogether.

GKGW is a comprehensive parenting curriculum based on inculcating biblical values into the process of building a loving family unit by raising godly and morally responsible children. Designed for small group studies, the authors Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo, aim to reach the hearts of both parent and child, to internalise biblical virtues and values in us to help us practically live out the character of God in our lives. The curriculum is based upon the belief that child-rearing is a responsibility given by God to parents who are to guide, nurture and discipline their children. Radically practical with useful applications that actually work in real life, it is no wonder that this core curriculum is so popular as it is utilised by more than 9,000 churches and schools worldwide and serving over 1.7 million households.

When we first returned from Canada, I was looking for biblical parenting courses to attend, and found other churches are offering the GKGW course at an exorbitant cost. Hence, I count it truly a blessing and a great privilege for us to be able to attend this course at Zion BPC at the cost of only paying for the workbook itself ($26). As a bonus, our classmates are my group mates from Moms Bible Study and Fellowship (MBSF) whom I see on Thursdays! We are so so blessed!

This week in “Session 1: How to Raise a Moral Godly Child”, in a nutshell, we were taught on why it is important for us to give our children a moral or practical reason (why) when we give them a directive. Note that we changed the word moral to godly because raising godly children is our ultimate goal, and when our children are godly, they would desire to be morally responsible on their own accord.

AWANA kids

The course is held on every Saturday from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm, and it coincides with the Awana Club for kids, also held in church. Thus, parents could attend GKGW while their children attend Awana Club. They can meet in the fellowship hall when both programmes finish at the same time. How wonderful and timely! ❤

Little E in church playground

The above pictures were taken after our course, when Little E was enjoying the company of the older children in Awana Club.

There will be an outing to Pulau Ubin next week! There will be no GKGW and Awana. However, we were also invited to attend an event in the Singapore Art Museum on the same day, so we will have to decide if we can go for both. I guess it will depend on how Little E copes when the day comes!

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