Grandpa and me – 公公与我的游乐记






Grandpa and me

My Grandpa loves to carry me high up in the sky,
allowing me to experience being a bird flying by.
Boredom has never came across my mind,
no matter how many times I see this Grandpa of mine!

As the sun begins to set and the evening draws close,
it is time for me to indulge in a dose
of pure fun and wonder in the playground,
a haven I consider where I want to be found.

Close by my side stays my watchful Grandpa,
who shall not let me wander far.
For he is faithful in making sure
that I stay within his sight, my safety he’d ensure.

When hunger or fatigue strikes,
Onward, to home we will stride!
My dinner at home awaits me,
a porridge made of fish and meat.

Lovingly prepared by my Grandma,
who makes sure I am well fed before she sends me off with a hug.
Then back to our home we will go,
where I meet my Daddy who tucks me into bed, snug!

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