Our 1st Choo Choo Train Ride

Choo Choo Train

After our afternoon nap, I decided to bring Little E to City Square Mall for a train ride! We did not manage to ride on it during the past weekend due to the long waiting time. Hence, I have resolved to do this together with Little E today.

Choo Choo train ride

As it was near 4 pm on a Monday, there was no crowd at all! Zero waiting time!

Choo Choo!

Besides the train ride, City Square Mall is celebrating the March School Holidays with ponies galore and a plethora of fun-filled activities specially catered for the family, from 13 March to 12 April 2015! Expect to see little children sauntering around the City Green park (in front of the mall) riding on a pony, and/or feed a pony by hand during the weekends. We have not had the chance to do that yet because Little E did not seem interested in either. We should definitely do this when she is older…

Choo Choo Train



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