My Day Off

I can’t begin to write about the countless benefits of being a SAHM. Making such a commitment to our children meant giving up lots of things willingly, but these losses are considered negligible compared to the benefits that we as a family reap by having me being a SAHM for Little E.

Every day feels like having an adventure with our little one, even the planning of one is exciting enough because I can’t wait to see the joy on her face. Of course, there are also days when I did feel like I’ve been put through the spin cycle of the washing machine… especially when the day is packed with activities, meetings and household chores that need to be done. Nonetheless, I love my 24/7 vocation as a SAHM! for reasons not pertaining to myself, but solely because of the beneficial impacts it has on Little E.

I do have my “off day”! and it usually falls on the day when I go back to my parent’s place… Wait, or should I say, my “off hour”? Hee! :p My father helps me to engage Little E while I indulge myself in the activity I missed most after becoming a mother → Running. Alone. With my earphones on, listening to sermons. My kind of quiet time.

Run day

I’d run along the usual routes that I used to take while I was still staying with my parents. Brings back much memories and good vibes. Although I used to run at least 10 km for 4 – 5 days per week, that luxury has been reduced to a short 30 min “dash” along most parts of my beloved routes on these precious “off days” of mine. But I’m not complaining! Truth be told, after a mere 5 min pounding on the road, and I’ve already started missing my baby girl… wondering if she is also missing me…

Today, B also played with Little E. He found a way to make her laugh heartily, by sandwiching her between 2 pillows! Lol!

Little E liked it so much, she kept asking for “more?” in her sweet voice…

Little E sandiched

Her chuckles are so contagious, she made everyone laughed along with her. I am already looking forward to my next “off hour”! 😉

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