Gentle Reminders

My best friend WY has just given birth to her beautiful daughter, Alison Francis! Knowing that the first 2 weeks can be physically and mentally trying, I took Little E to visit them today. Seeing a newborn reminded me of how tiny Little E used to be… Looking at her now, it is hard to believe how much she has grown over the past 18 months.

Playground Fun

Our visit was rendered short because Little E got too bored. Hence, after offering my support to the fresh new mum, I took Little E to the playground. While Little E was busy being every bit of a little explorer, I was near physically, but my mind was distant, I was reminiscing those “first” days of being a new mother myself, back in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Playground Fun

I was blessed, to have had the chance to give birth to Little E in Canada, to have had all the support (and more than I could ever asked for) I needed, because J’s mum and dad flew all the way there to be with us for 2 solid months. Mum made the best pan seared buttery cheese toast every morning, herbal chicken, turkey dishes, and many many more delicious food for us. They took such great care of me when I was still recovering from child birth, they were there to LOVE baby E when we needed a break. We withstood the heat of summer, and braved the cold on wintry days, because within those 2 months, they experienced all 4 seasons (that was how unpredictable the weather is in Calgary).

Playground fun

Today, as I watched Little E, being the all-confident puff-ball she is, climbing about and vocalising what she wanted, I couldn’t help but feel so thankful to God who has blessed us so much. Little E is growing up too fast.

Even though we spend all of our waking hours (and sleeping hours too) together, I still feel that time and tide wait for no one. Our little baby is growing up way too fast than we would prefer. One day, she will be all grown up. One day, she will no longer want to cling on to me. One day, she will relish in her own independence…

… but before that day dawns, we want to capture every precious moment, and cherish all the time we have with her now.

Be blessed always my darling. Papa and Mama love you just as 爷爷 and 嫲嫲 love us. And may this love in Christ Jesus, our Lord, go on and show forth its worth in your life. The Lord be blessed. Amen.

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