“Play to Learn” at Sparkanauts!

Little E has been attending Sparkanauts for about 14 weeks now. I could see that she has adjusted well to the routine, often waiting in anticipation of what the next segment in the programme will bring. The unique curriculum offered by Sparkanauts encourages and enables holistic brain development in a fun and engaging fast-paced routine, by combining Intellectual Learning and Body Strengthening through play and exploration with learning.

Through the matching flashcards segment, Little E has learned many words. Her brain has stored and continues to store a wide range of vocabulary, waiting to be spoken. At a stage where her language development is growing at a rapid speed, we are thrilled to see how fast she learns and performs. Even I am surprised how fast she could register each picture with its matching word. Little E learns 10 different words each week, and she continues to surprise me whenever she matches them correctly, no matter how long or difficult the words are.

Banking in the knowledge that a child’s brain grows exponentially in the first few years, Sparkanauts aims to develop their students’ minds to their fullest potential by making the most out of this exponential growth window. And we love how Sparkanauts takes advantage of a child’s love for play to stimulate the child’s brain and refine their physical abilities by using physical activities and games as a platform in their curriculum.

Every child has a series of milestones growing up, and meeting them will ensure a peak learning capacity in the future. Sparkanauts’ all-rounded curriculum ensures each milestone is not only met but also perfected as their students learn through play!

Through the many physical activities that are packed into the 1 hr class, Little E was kept engaged, alert and ready to learn. These segments serve to strengthen and stabilise a child’s body, and help in the development of the gross and fine motor skills that are important for mastering daily functions.

It is natural that all children are eager to learn. After all, they are born curious and enjoy exploring! We are very happy to see Little E’s curiosity and intellectual needs being met and satisfied in Sparkanauts, which load her up on sophisticated and compound  knowledge through their diverse curriculum in language, music and mathematics.

It is evident that Little E enjoys her classes at Sparkanauts. With the wide range of fun and engaging activities that serve to stimulate the growing child’s mind, and to help each child develop the joy of learning, Little E is certainly reaping the benefits of the purposeful programme that creates the learning foundation in her developmental journey.

Understanding that the early years of every child’s life is a window of opportunity for them to acquire positive and quality early learning experiences, we are just so glad we found an enrichment centre that provides these, under the nurture and guidance of the dedicated instructors in Sparkanauts. We shall end this mid-term blogpost of Little E dancing gleefully during the closing song of the lesson…

She is a darling! ❤

Update on 24 April 2015:

Sparkanauts is organising a June Holiday Camp that aims to encourage and help young children (ages 3 to 5 yo) become more physically competent while being exposed to quality intellectual information surrounding the theme they will be learning. Learning comes alive in the gym space as the program engages the little “campers” in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and hands-on activities.

Camp Dates:

15 – 19 June 2015: Stamps (Excursion will be on 19 June 2015)
Excursion: Philatelic Museum

Stamps Around The World Poster

Stamps Around The World Poster

22 – 26 June 2015: Animals (Excursion will be on 26 June 2015)
Excursion: River Safari

Underwater Discovery Poster

Underwater Discovery Poster

For more enquiries and details about the camp programs, or to sign up for the camp, please contact info@sparkanauts.com or visit Sparkanauts’ website at: http://www.sparkanauts.com/classes/upcoming-events

Enjoy a special 10% discount if you sign up quoting JREmembrance!

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