GKGW 28032015 – Session 2: Right Beginnings

Session 2: Right Beginnings

This week, we looked at and discussed the importance of the husband-wife relationship, which was emphasised and described as the greatest gift that we parents could ever give to our children.

The love between Dad and Mum not only provides and ensures security to the children, it also acts as a firm foundation of the family identity that the child will later reflect as he/she grows. Growing up in a secure environment that is filled with love, the child is not hindered in his/her understanding of God’s love and His righteous ways.

The authors Gary & Anne Marie Ezzo also dealt this topic sensitively with the special issues that confront the single parent.

Awana Club 28032015

As we attended the GKGW course in the conference room, the children were attending Awana Club at the fellowship hall. After the 2 hr course, I went down to the hall and saw my girl standing by a bench, observing the older children as they played loudly and gleefully. When Little E caught me in sight, she was delighted to see me and gave me a sweet long hug… My darling… How I missed her…

Little E near Millenia Walk

We returned home and drove to Ritz Carlton, hoping to enjoy a dinner buffet at its Greenhouse restaurant tonight. We heard that the restaurant will soon be temporarily closed for renovation, hence we wanted to dine there one last time before it adorns a facelift. To our despair, the restaurant was fully booked. Without an alternative dining place in mind, we loitered in the vicinity, allowing Little E to expend her bundle of energy before we settled upon Oscar’s in Conrad Hotel. 

Little E sat on her high chair throughout our dinner, and ate till her tummy was so full and rounded – that always brings a megawatt smile on my face, to know that my baby is well fed and satisfied.

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