Easter in Hong Kong

Flight to HK

We woke up at 7+ am today to reach the airport in time for our 9:30 am flight. Had beef tendon noodles for breakfast and our plane took off on time. A 4-hr journey towards Hong Kong International Airport, we had a safe and smooth flight all the way till it landed. Little E had the opportunity to catch a short nap on board as well!

We took an urban cab to our hotel located in Discovery Bay. Much like the Sentosa Cove area of Singapore, the Discovery Bay area is a primarily upmarket residential development with private and public recreational facilities, situated on the north-eastern coast of Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

Horse carriage ride

We checked in to our 60 m² One Bedroom Suite (#2002) that came with a view of the mountain, located on the 20th storey of the hotel. We relaxed and browsed through the brochures and activity sheet given to us by the check-in counter, and decided to explore the vicinity, especially the piazza adjacent to our hotel. Just outside the piazza was where the horse carriage ride could be taken. Little E was pointing to the horses and kept saying, “neigh neigh hor-zzzz”… so we thought we should grab the opportunity to take a picture with the lovely horses which had neatly braided tails (not shown in the picture above).

Clock Tower in DB North Plaza

Known as DB North Plaza, this seaside retail mall serves as a social hub for the Discovery Bay community and visitors, offering a variety of recreation, dining and shopping options through its shopping arcades and an open piazza. After combing through the shops and art galleries, we took our hotel shuttle towards DB Plaza (the first and main hub of the Discovery Bay community).

DB Plaza at Tai Pak Beach

Today was the commencement day of Discovery Bay’s annual signature Easter Egg Hunt!  Over 30,000 Easter eggs were to be found by little egg gatherers on the 400-metre-long Tai Pak Beach. This year, Discovery Bay unveiled Hong Kong’s tallest inflatable Easter Egg riding on this annual event. Designed by one of the world’s leading graffiti and contemporary artists, Ceet Fouad, the 15 metre tall inflatable Easter Egg could be seen in our picture above.


That was it for our leisurely-paced first day in Hong Kong! We wanted to take it easy and rest as much as we could for our first night so that our energy tank will be full and overflowing with excitement for tomorrow’s adventure! Yay!!

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