Disneyland Hong Kong

Hello from Disneyland Hong Kong

Hello from Hong Kong Disneyland!

It was a bright and sunny morning that we woke up to! Off we went for breakfast and decided to take the hotel shuttle to Disneyland at 9:15 am. We reached Disneyland at around 9:40 am, there was already quite a crowd near the gantries to enter into the Main Street US.

Main Street US

J and E on Main Street US.

We took our time to stroll along the main street, while looking out for stalls and boutiques that may carry a nice and cute looking hat for Little E (since she lost hers in the Fox Glacier during our NZ Family Road Trip in December 2014). The glaring sun we had today certainly justified the purchase of one worthy hat for her.

Mickey-shaped honey waffles

Mickey-shaped honey waffles!

After combing through countless shelves, we found none that has a functional brim wide enough to offer her sufficient shade. As we exited the last store disappointed, a sweet fragrant buttery smell wafted through the air and into our olfactory senses, luring us to a bakery that sells honey waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse! Hmmm… the smell sent our parotid glands into overdrive… Drools…!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

By the time the gates to the main park opened on time at 10:00 am sharp, we saw herds of people running in the direction towards Tomorrowland. We were tempted to follow, but refrained in doing so. We strolled along the same pathway but took a turn right at its entrance and walked towards other attractions instead. Our first ride was Dumbo the Flying Elephant! J recounted his younger days when he insisted that Mum and Dad queued with him for 2 hrs just to ride on Dumbo the Flying Elephant in Tokyo Disneyland when he was about 7 yo… Hee! I recalled Mum telling that story too…

Couldn't wait to board the Jungle River Cruise

Couldn’t wait to board the Jungle River Cruise!

Next, we went straight towards the Jungle River Cruise which divided its guided boat tour into 3 different queues according to languages: English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

On board the world-famous Jungle River Cruise, we sailed past the Tarzan Tree House which could also be accessed by a nearby raft, before we encountered many seemingly real life-sized wildlife planted strategically throughout the river adventure, along with eruptive water effects coupled with synchronised explosive audio effects. Little E was a little startled by all the actions and stimulations that were happening around us, so she clung onto me like a koala bear as the effects built up towards the end of the highly interactive cruise ride.

Snack time

Snack time!

After the cruise, we stopped by a bench within the Adventureland for Little E to have her snack of shredded chicken eaten with biscuits, before we carried on towards Toy Story Land.

Hello Sheriff Woody!

Hello Sheriff Woody!

Here, one can find an eclectic mix of thrill rides for everyone! Adrenaline junkies in need for speed and shrieks, or little tikes looking for their kind of adventure rides with their mommies and/or daddies, anyone can find something exhilarating in the colourful and exciting Toy Story Land!

Little E in love with the Slinky Dog Hat

Little E in love with the Slinky Dog Hat.

In the souvenir store, we found Little E obsessed with the Slinky Dog hat, as well as many of the cute toys and colourful stationery available for sale. While Little E did her shopping, it was a cool time for us to seek shelter from the sweltering heat.

By the time we exited the Toy Story Land, the queues seen around all the rides in the Fantasyland were wound up like never-ending corkscrews. Nevertheless, we queued for the Small Small World, Spinning Teacups, Winnie the Pooh tour and Cinderella Carousel.

We queued for the carousel under the scorching hot sun, but to be rewarded with her megawatt smile, it was all worth it! The highlight for Little E was the boat ride in the Small Small World. The music “It’s a small world after all…” went on and on in different languages throughout the journey, and the sights and sounds captivated her attention from start till end. J also recounted that the Small Small World was something he remembered that interested his younger self when he visited Anaheim or Tokyo Disneyland.

Cinderella Carousel

Cinderella Carousel.

That was us standing in front of the Cinderella Carousel feeling satisfied and accomplished after a fun-filled 4-hr escapade, ready to bid farewell to the much beloved Disneyland Park!

Hot day. Bright sun. Squinty eyes

Hot day. Bright sun. Squinty eyes.

Despite the unforgiving weather, we thoroughly enjoyed our maiden trip to Hong Kong’s Disneyland! It was truly a wonderland filled with whimsical fantasy, sprightly adventures and fun-loving affairs! Can’t wait to visit the other Disneylands in the world! 😉

And they lived happily ever after!

And they lived happily ever after!

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