Revisiting Imaginarium with Friends

Today, we invited our neighbours and Cheryl with her 2 boys to visit Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas at SAM @ 8Q.

Altogether, we were 4 adults and 4 kiddos (ages 16 mo to 4 yo), we had so much fun that our children did not want to go home at the end! We spent most of the time at just the first stop (named as “We Built this Estate”) at level 1 of the exhibition which spans the entire 4 levels of the building that houses the entire curation meant for children and the young-at-heart.

Photo credit: Singapore Art Museum

Photo credit: Singapore Art Museum

After several laughter and fun-playing in the colourful first stop, we went upstairs, with the children ogling over the drawings (named as Imagine-a-Doodle) sprawled across the walls that winded their way up the 4 levels of the building. We spent a considerable amount of time in the Moonroom where our children folded origami, and doodled on papers as well as on the walls using crayons, highlighters, coloured inks, etc.

Satisfied with their own folding and drawing abilities, all 4 children were excited to explore the next room! We entered the “Let’s Make! Studio” room to find that it was crowded with parents and children who were absorbed in making crafts by following the instructions on the wall, as they did embroidery, made pom poms and learnt the art of weaving.

Making pom poms

We also made pom poms using the colourful hanks of yarn handed out to us in pre-packed little bags. And for the little ones, they were kept contented leafing through the colourful pages of picture books contributed by the National Library Board.

Asher and E reading

Then we went all the way up to the top level to visit the “Dream House” where bigger-than-life-size delectable sweets adorn the giant candy house. On our way up to this mixed media installation, I knew the kids would love it.

And the Dream House did not fail to enchant all of them as they went about reveling in the multi-coloured biscuits as the floor-base, gigantic lollipops and candy canes planted everywhere, chairs made of Pocky sticks, etc. They were in wonderland!

Candy Tree

Besides the giant candy house, the children love love love the entrancing snow-white garden where they went to and fro hanging colourful foil-wrapped sweets on the tree branches. The adults love this garden very much too, we love its originality and allure to portray a child’s simple wish and see their desires flourish in their eyes.

Garden of sweets

Before we knew it, we had spent close to 3 hrs in the exhibition, and it was time for us to part. We let our children sit on the refurbished retro-swing that we used to enjoy in the early 90’s, till we finally announced, “Ok, it’s time to go home!” to which Isaac asked us why, with a deep frown. No child wants to go home after spending such an eventful evening with each other.

Eventually, we did manage to coax them into giving up the swing and to start walking away from the building… Farewell my dear little friends! We shall plan another outing soon!! ❤

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