MBSF 16042015

I took time to bake a belated birthday cake for J last night after both of my two darlings fell asleep. It was a traditional butter cake. The browned top was smooth without any cracks, and the cake itself was moist and buttery. The aroma that wafted through the air when it was baking in the oven was heavenly…

J loved the cake, so did our little one! Phew! All the hard work working through the night alone was well-worth it!

MBSF 16042015

I had enough batter to make little buttery cupcakes for the mothers’ group today. We met to study Matthew 17:1-13. Little E had 4 yo Caleb as her only companion in today’s session because little Asher was sick, thus Cheryl didn’t bring him along. As a result, the kiddos did not play in Levi room, instead, the toys were brought over to our room for them.

Today was also the last MBSF to be held on Thursdays, because Little E has music classes on Thursday mornings. By the time we finish the class, we will rush over to church to attend MBSF. As a result, Little E had been a little worn out for the past few Thursdays. Hence, the mothers group has consented to meet on Tuesdays instead! Perfect for us!

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