Harvest Kidz 19042015

Observing and having a go at the wooden puzzles.

Observing and having a go at the wooden puzzles.

In Sunday school today, Little E exhibited independence and her need for discovery brought her around the classroom exploring wherever her two tiny feet ran to…

After figuring that the wooden puzzles are too straightforward, and that her favourite animal puzzle was occupied by another toddler, she sat herself down by the library corner to immerse herself into a touch-and-feel book on animals.

Rolling two cars simultaneously as she crawled past me.

Rolling two cars simultaneously as she crawled past me.

As soon as she finished identifying all the animals in the touchy-feely book, off she zoomed to grab two colourful cars, dropped to her knees and started crawling while rolling the cars forward and backward, making engine noises as she went…

Harvest Kidz 19042015

Little E decided that she would help the teachers to greet everyone too… Lol!

Then came clean-up time, where all the children assisted the teachers to keep all the toys away, be they toys animals, cars and tracks, miniature cookware, building blocks, etc. The room was cleaned up and mess-free in merely minutes. All the children were then divided into their respective groups for greetings and singing. That was Little E being teachers’ assistant in greeting all the children… Lol!

The children were then gathered altogether again for music and movement, worship and praise, and bible storytelling. They were then divided into their separate groups again for different activities such as art and craft, race relay, and other forms of toddler-friendly games.

Harvest Kidz 19042015

Snack time!

After all the children have finished rotating through all the different stations, it was time for hand washing and snacks! The snacks are different every week, and are given to those children who are seated obediently. Hee! That was Little E quietly enjoying her egg-balls…

The teachers guided the children to pray and sang a thanksgiving song before they distributed the snacks to them. Little E must have been very engaged in today’s Sunday school, she dozed off on the way home… 😉

The Lord be blessed! for ever more…

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