Enjoying my role as a Teacher-Parent

Through the resources given by Sparkanauts, I have been able to allow Little to continue learning at home on what she had been taught in class, and through the process, I have also learnt much about enjoying my role as a teacher-parent.

Using the same word and picture cards printed for us in smaller dimensions, I am able to revise the words of the week with Little E in the comfort of our home. Even though she learns 10 words per week, and bearing in mind that the words are not simple basic words for a 1+ year old (e.g. rock louse, venison saddle, kangaroo’s chortle, curlew’s pipe, etc.), these are words that are not found in common toddler books that present “First Words” for a baby. Sparkanauts believe that it is not too early to introduce them to complex words, and now, I too believe we should not limit our own child’s learning ability. J and I are both proud to see Little E being able to remember all the words with ease.

Now that she is older, she is also beginning to verbalise and pronounce the words, repeating after me. By accompanying her in attending the classes, I could also evaluate for myself how beneficial the course curriculum is, and how much Little E has grown over the months.

The above pictures show Little E being amused after learning and hearing about how the honey badger and honey guide bird live out their symbiotic relationship. The toddlers were then asked to colour the honey badger using the correct colour.

Swinging trapeze

Besides intellectual activities as such, Little E has also grown to be a more confident girl. Once a timid baby who would always cry at the sight of the trapeze, Little E has progressed into an acrobatic baby, as seen in the picture shown above, where she followed the teacher’s instructions to kick her legs back for more leverage to swing higher.

When she first joined Sparkanauts, Little E would not want to participate in swinging the trapeze at all. Up till the 7th week, was she willing to give it a try after much encouragement. Even then, she was sulking and frowning while swinging. Fast forward to now, she is always the first to volunteer to have a go at it.

During the warm-up songs, Little E shows good listening skills and the ability to follow instructions and carrying out the various actions called out by the teachers, despite her being the youngest in her class.

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post about her caring and patient nature, even in Sparkanauts class, Little E would help to open up the box of musical instruments, to allow others to choose their preferred instruments first, before delving into the box to choose the leftovers for herself.

It was through Sparkanauts that we found her love for music, and decided to engage her in Medley Music School which provides music lessons for children and toddlers using both traditional & the Suzuki Method. Little E love love love her music classes, and even the short music segments in Sparkanauts see her enjoying singing and dancing along while being focused on the musical notes and solfège.

Every week, the children would learn different songs and given a chance to play the notes on the colourful chyme bar.

The 2 videos above were taken 2 weeks apart, Little E could sing through all the notes at the right pitch and tone by the age of 19 mo. At the end of the latter video, the teacher praised her for singing through and that made her so shy, she looked at me and smiled meekly (which was not captured in the video above).

Another fun segment in Sparkanauts that I could duplicate at home was the art and craft and storytelling. The top 2 pictures show Little E making her own porcupine by inserting “quills” into the playdoh she was given, in an attempt to mimic the teacher’s example. The storytelling segment reintroduces the new words learnt that week, all incorporated into a captivating story to interest the short-attention spanned toddlers.

Besides all the activities mentioned above, there were others that I have not mentioned. Furthermore, these activities change on a weekly or sometimes bi-weekly basis (depending on the difficulty of the segments), so there are more than enough stimulation for me to re-create learning exercises with Little E at home.

A big shoutout of thanks to Sparkanauts, for inspiring me to teach my toddler in various creative ways that made motherhood even more enjoyable than it had already been for me! Together with the passionate and resourceful teachers in Sparkanauts, which believe parents are the best teachers, I hope I do become the worthy “teacher-parent” who can engage my little one appropriately to fan her love for learning and exploring!

June Holiday Camp by Sparkanauts

Sparkanauts is organising a June Holiday Camp that aims to encourage and help young children (ages 3 to 5 yo) become more physically competent while being exposed to quality intellectual information surrounding the theme they will be learning. Learning comes alive in the gym space as the program engages the little “campers” in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and hands-on activities.

Camp Dates:

15 – 19 June 2015: Stamps (Excursion will be on 19 June 2015)
Excursion: Philatelic Museum

Stamps Around The World Poster

Stamps Around The World Poster

22 – 26 June 2015: Animals (Excursion will be on 26 June 2015)
Excursion: River Safari

Underwater Discovery Poster

Underwater Discovery Poster

For more enquiries and details about the camp programs, or to sign up for the camp, please contact info@sparkanauts.com or visit Sparkanauts’ website at: http://www.sparkanauts.com/classes/upcoming-events

Enjoy a special 10% discount if you sign up quoting JREmembrance!

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