A-Team Reunion at Gardens by the Bay

The A-Team comprises of J, KW, PHN and RS, and was formed as a study group during their FRCS examinations. Now that there are no more exams for them, our families (4 families of 8 adults and 10 children in total) come together to meet at least annually for various occasions that call for a reunion. Today is Labour Day, a public holiday in Singapore, a perfect day for us all to gather for some catching up over fun (particularly for our children) and dinner.

We met at the Children’s Garden of Gardens by the Bay. As it was raining, the water play area was temporarily closed for safety reasons. However, that did not stop our children from playing!

As we adults took shelter from the light drizzle under the parasols, the children were gleefully catching and popping bubbles that were floating about the area. The latter picture seen above shows Little E popping bubbles with 8 yo Rebecca, 6 yo Rachel, 4 yo Sarah and 18 mo Ronnie! 

While the 18 mo twins Ronnie and Kelly were busy getting soaked in bubbling fun, the other 3 families went exploring the other parts of the Children’s Garden. We encountered obstacle courses… from swinging bars, to balance beams and bouncing platforms…

and rope climbing! Little E had so much stimulation from all these activities, and she enjoyed the company of the Soh sisters so much, she was following whatever they were doing…

After all the exercises, all of us were famished! So we went to Han’s @ Surbana One for dinner. What a great decision it turned out to be for us to dine there as one big group, because of the presence of long communal tables that were matched with benches.

A-Team dines at Han's

Dinner at Han’s @ Surbana One.

The children also had lots of space to wander around safely. Hence, Little E really enjoyed playing peekaboo and “catch” with 5 yo Garren and 4 yo Sarah while we had dinner. She already had her dinner while we were driving on the way from Gardens by the Bay to Surbana One.

A-Team reunions are always blessed affairs. I believe it will still be so for the many reunions we will have in the future!

The A-team

The A-Team (with Garren and Rachel as photobombs).


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