Such Simple Joy

Since Little E turned 18 mo, it became so much more fun to be with her, apart from taking care of her, and protecting her from harm, etc. We have developed our daily/weekly routines and are enjoying every moment of it all.

Besides attending Bible Study Fellowship on Tuesdays with me, Little E attends music lessons on Thursdays, and Sparkanauts on Fridays, Growing Kids God’s Way on Saturdays, and Sunday school on Sundays. We have only Mondays and Wednesdays relatively free. These are the days we go for playdates with other SAHMs, or we will simply carry out the various activities we have in stall for her.

That was Little E free-riding on the Chuggington Train in Paragon. Our free days are also days when we go to museums, watch children plays in various locations, visit the library, or just stay at home to rest and play with the many toys (which we hide and rotate) she has, or have her complete some activity books, be they sticker pasting or colouring.

That was Little E attempting to draw in some spaghetti, in teal colour…? Hee! Perhaps after smearing the plate in orange, she decided to add in some spinach spaghetti too…? Nah! That was my imagination… She probably wondered why can’t we use teal for spaghetti… 😉

We have our daily water play in the sunken bath tub we have at home, but nothing brings a beam as radiant as that in the pictures above, onto her face like the fountains or water features she comes across when we are outside. Such simple joy. Precious.

May The Lord bless her with eternal joy in Jesus Christ, that she will find Him joyful to behold and trustworthy to put her life under His charge. I pray that the inexhaustible grace of God will follow Elizabeth, my little one, wherever she goes, and whatever she does, that her actions, speech and thoughts will please Him as a result, and bring glory to the eternal living God, radiating His love, joy and peace to the people God has placed in her path, so that they may see The Lord through her and us. That shall be our family identity. That shall be our mark for we are the children of God, to whom we belong. These, I pray in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen!

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