Bernard’s and VA’s Wedding

Today is a day of joyous celebration. It is the day that my beloved brother weds his lovely wife, VA. It is the day when I gained a sister! the day VA and I became sisters officially! The entire Chew family adores her. ❤ I have always wanted to write about my own wedding day, but have not done it till now… Nonetheless, it is with great pleasure to be able to document this milestone in my brother’s and VA’s life here in JREmembrance.

VA having her make up done.

VA having her make up done.

The eventful day started with VA having her make-up done in the bridal suite.

VA’s bridesmaids flew halfway across the globe, from the United States and Vietnam, and they stayed in the same hotel. Bernard and VA chose and bought their dresses to be worn on this beautiful day. They were all sweet young girls who couldn’t have been happier for VA!

Handing over the dowry.

Presenting the betrothal gifts to VA’s father.

My brother and parents arrived at the hotel in the morning, to present the betrothal gifts to VA’s father. It was an honour to include my home-baked vanilla butter cake as part of the dowry pastries. Upon the presentation of the betrothal gifts, my parents asked VA’s father for his consent for Bernard to marry VA. Of course, it was a YES!!

Bernard attained consent from both of VA's parents.

Bernard attained consent from both of VA’s parents.

Congratulations!! The blissful couple had the opportunity to have their first couple shot after B asked VA’s father for her hand in marriage.




VA then proceeded to change into her traditional Vietnamese bridal costume, ready to be fetched back to the Chew’s home!

Hand-in-hand, B and VA walked happily as a blissful couple towards their bridal car, very kindly loaned by B’s groomsman, Patrick. They arrived at the groom’s home, ate the longevity noodles with dumplings and took a family picture together, before the entire troupe drove back to the hotel to prepare for the tea ceremony.

It was near 3.00 pm when we reached the hotel. It was my duty to do the make-up for the mothers of the bride and groom. It was a great honour to be entrusted with this responsibility because these women are so important in both of their lives. Without them, there would be neither B nor VA. Hence, I took my role as their personal make-up artist very seriously.

Of course, my aunties came forth and asked me to help them with their make-up too, and I obliged since J has kindly taken Little E for a long walk, so that I could fulfil my role as a MUA. For the tea ceremony, VA bought a Vietnamese traditional costume for Little E to wear. Thankfully, J caught a picture of her in it, because shortly after, she was fussing over the clothes, and insisted to wear her own cotton onesie.

The Chinese wedding tea ceremony proceeded smoothly, and everyone who were expected to be there, were present to witness the tradition where the couple was formally introduced to their respective families through the elaborate ceremony.

After the ceremony, everyone adjourned for casual photo taking around the premises of the hotel, while the couple went to change their costumes in preparation for the solemnisation ceremony, which was held at the tranquil and romantic rooftop garden in Changi Village Hotel. The sea-view was made ultra-beautiful by the glorious blue sky that was laced with cottony clouds.

As Bernard waited for the bride during the wedding processional, family members made our formal entrances into the ceremony venue, followed by the ravishing bride in the arms of her father.

After receiving the bride from her father, the beautiful couple pronounced their vows to each other in the presence of all the family, relatives and close friends. Then they exchanged rings…

… Then came the most anticipated moment where Bernard lifted the veil to kiss the bride! ❤ Congratulations!!

The fathers of the couple were then invited to join in the signing of the marriage certificate as the official witnesses from both sides, in the presence of the Justice of the Peace (JP).

Signing of the marriage certificate.

Signing of the marriage certificate.

And B & VA are officially man and wife from today onwards!

BVA are officially married!

BVA are officially married!

Following the closing of the solemnisation ceremony, the guests went down to the banquet hall to enjoy the cocktail reception, while the couple retreated to the bridal suite to freshen up. All these happened when the groomsmen and bridesmaids went into full swing as they entertained guests, received them at the reception table, and directed them to their assigned tables in the banquet hall.

The couple’s pre-wedding photos were dotted throughout the reception table, together with the guest book for guests to peruse and write down their best wishes for Bernard and VA.

Meanwhile, we were in the bridal suite persuading Little E to wear the dinner gown that the bride had very kindly brought all the way from San Francisco for her! We didn’t succeed, Little E just wanted to be in her comfortable onesie all day long. So we let her be, and joined the other guests in the banquet hall.

Groom and Bride made their first entrance.

Groom and bride made their first entrance into the banquet hall.

Then came time when the groom and bride made their first entrance into the banquet hall, much to the eager and gleeful cheering of all the guests. When they took their seat, it was my cue to deliver my speech to the lovely newly weds. I am very thankful to be invited to give a speech during this big day of their lives. The process of preparing and writing the speech sparked fond memories that gave me a glimpse into the nostalgic past when Bernard and I were young and mischievous. I must have hit the right notes at some point during my speech that made both the groom and bride laughed so heartily. 😀

By the 4th dish served, the couple made their 2nd entrance into the banquet hall. VA looked most ravishing in a tiered peach-toned mermaid gown that enveloped her slender body in a perfect fit. They drank their wedlock wine on stage…

… followed by the family members and relatives, and close friends joining them on stage for 3 toasts to the couple: The first for a blissful marriage; the second for eternal love between the couple; and the third for fertility.

The newly weds then proceeded to deliver their touching speeches, to the love ones in their eventful lives who brought them up, made them stronger, and saw them love each other throughout the time when they were together. It was a lovely speech.

As for the children, they were kept very busy playing happily and taking care of each other during the banquet from start to finish… Whatever happened to the missed nap time?!!

Amelia (6 yo), Chloe (2+ yo), and Little E (20 mo) were so close with each other, it was as if they had invisible super glue stuck to each other the entire night! Towards the end of the banquet, they took to the stage like fish to water, dancing and making merry together.

All these while, the newly weds were going around the banquet hall, having their photos taken with each and every table of guests. I remembered J and I did not managed to finish doing that during our wedding, because our wedding night ended so late, and some guests had already bade farewell (in order to catch the shuttle bus from Sentosa back to Singapore island). I must say kudos to Bernard’s groomsmen who worked hard and well together to make sure all the guests were captured in the group photographs.

Family photo

 Here’s a picture of the groomsmen, looking suave, and happy for the groom!

The very efficient and experienced groomsmen!

The very efficient and experienced groomsmen!

The time came for the newly weds and their parents to bid farewell to their guests as we all lined up to shake their hands, and hugged and kissed them. What a night. A memorable and precious one to be remembered forever…

The blissful couple will travel to Vietnam with parents for one week, to hold another wedding celebration back in the hometown of VA’s parents. Thereafter, they would fly back to San Francisco, California, U.S.A. together, for another joyous celebration and reunion back where VA and her family resides.

It is with great joy that I say “congratulations” to my brother Bernard and his gorgeous new bride, VA. I feel so privileged to share their beautiful occasion here in JREmembrance. In this way, we will never forget this beautiful union and matrimony of two of the most precious people in my life. I know that Bernard and VA will have a good life together. The way they look into each other’s eyes and the beaming smiles they give each other fills my heart, because I know my brother is happier than he ever has been before. VA is everything I could ever want for my brother and I am so honoured and pleased to welcome her to our family. Knowing them as well as I do, I’m confident that their love will only grow and flourish further as the years go by. 

May God, in His grace, ever so abundant and His love, overflow upon this pair of newly weds, filling their lives with His rich blessings in joy, love and peace, always and for ever. Amen.

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