BVA’s Post-wedding Family Dinner on Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day today! The first time I celebrated Mother’s Day for being a mom started when we were still in Calgary, when Little E was still a foetus in my womb. How time flies! Little E just turned 20 months old, three days ago!

Listening attentively.

Listening attentively.

The day started vibrantly in church where Mother’s Day was celebrated with our spiritual family members. Little E learnt songs and games in Sunday school, and also made craft for me on this special Mother’s Day!

That was Little E helping to build the “church” by following the teacher’s instructions to stack the colourful blocks in a systematic manner.

By night, we went back to my parent’s place to join in the post-wedding dinner of B & VA, held for the combined families and VA’s close friends who came from U.S.A.. Bernard booked 2 tables at one of the coffee shops near their place and ordered all the favourite dishes for the feast.

By the time dinner was done, Little E had already wandered off to explore the other shops nearby. Everyone was fed to the brim and we left the newly weds to chat with their friends and VA’s brothers.

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