Mommy’s Loyal Companion

I had wanted to cook for the weekend, but just realised I didn’t have all the ingredients, so Little E and I had to make a late night trip to Fairprice Finest tonight. I am thankful that Little E didn’t mind that her bedtime was disrupted because of my folly. Instead, she was docile and willingly accompanied me to the superstore just so I could satisfy my “get-it-done-right-here-right-now” inclination.

Thank you, my baby, for your willing heart,
To please mommy whether in whole or in part.
By following me to the super-mart,
and gladly ready to sit still in the cart.

My ever-loyal companion, yes you are.
So much so, I tell everyone you are my shining star.
Mommy loves you for who you are,
For God loves you even more, by far!

May you always be filled with joy wherever you go, wherever you are, that the joy and love that you received from The Lord, will overflow to everyone around you.

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