Lovely Weekends

Weekends to us, are not very much different from weekdays, except that we have J with us throughout the day (which is in itself a huge positive!). But it has more negatives than we wish for: Weekends are crowded. Weekends always seem to be shorter than they really are… Hence, we wanted to embark on a lazy-daisy Saturday journey today.

I brought Little E out in the morning while J was doing his ward rounds with his team. We passed by an aquarium that carries baby sharks, crabs, crayfish, beautiful guppies, terrapins, and a variety of fishes – All served their purpose to enthral Little E out of this world.

Since we seldom take buses, I thought it was a great day to hop on and off some buses in and out of town with my precious little girl. As we watched the urban city and its dwellers from behind the confined windows of the bus, time rolled quickly by, and we realised it was almost time to go to GKGW.

We reached home on time to see J already waiting for us to have lunch together, afterwhich all 3 of us collapsed onto our bed for a catnap. Then we woke and drove to Zion for our last session of GKGW for the 2nd term.

As usual, after the 2 hr class, Little E was delighted to see me at the door of the kindergarten music room. The expression on her face was priceless, precious, and pervasive – reaching deep through and within me, tugging at my heartstrings. I hugged her tight and told her how much we love her. Although we tell her that every single day since she was born, it never hurts to say it more than once per day. 😀 ❤

By the time we finished the GKGW course, it was time for dinner. We drove to Millenia Walk in search for our all-time favourite Miharu Sapporo Ramen. Since Gallery Hotel has ceased operations, Miharu has acquired a swanking new space in Millenia Walk, slightly bigger and a lot more cosier, their famous Nishiyama noodles specially imported from Japan, are still as springy and tasty as ever before.

J and E at MBS

After dinner, we walked towards Marina Bay, through the Helix bridge, and spent some time shopping in the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands with Little E running around in great delight. We played lots of hide-and-seek, peekaboos, and catch with her, all the while laughing as she chuckled and giggled throughout the night – till us two folks could no longer garner any more energy to keep up with our 20 mo baby. Then we walked, on empty tanks, all the way back to our car that was parked at Millenia Walk. Hmmm… where did all that ramen went to? I was famished when I reached home… I chomped down my usual grilled cheese toasts with mayo chicken and kaya, Sara Lee pound cake slices and a glass of full-cream milk… Burp! Sweet Dreams everyone!

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