Harvest Kidz 17052015

Thank God for a wonderful weekend! We had J all to ourselves, but most importantly, our ever-faithful Lord is always with us. We woke early this morning, had a wholesome breakfast of sliced breads smeared with peanut butter and orange marmalade, as well as big bowls of cereal with full cream milk.

Today at Harvest Kidz, Little E took giant Elmo and sat down at the puzzle table, completing the train shape puzzle all by herself, before she continued on to solve the sequential sorting, all the while focused on the task at hand.

She wandered off to the mats of sprawled toys, picked up a spinning elephant, then stopped to gaze at a boy who was dressed as a dinosaur, for a long time. The boy guarded the toys around him as if they belonged to him. When Little E inched closer towards him, he swept the toys towards himself, not allowing Little E to even touch them… His father who sat beside him was looking at his phone, and did not see what happened. I wondered what would he have said or done if he did see the hoarding behaviour of his son…

A dragon boy

Little E ran off to look for other toys when she bumped into 2+ yo Abigail. She was all smiles when Candy (Abigail’s mother) said hello to her. Their sweet and friendly disposition is ever so calming and approachable. We are so very blessed to have them as friends!

Little E smiling at Candy

Then came time for praise and worship. The team of dedicated teachers sing 3 songs each month, ending with a worship song sang in A-cappella style. This month, we sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children”, “This Little Light of Mine”, and “Beautiful, Beautiful, Jesus is Beautiful”.

Praise and worship

The children then disbanded into 3 different groups according to colour. The first station Little E went to was for intellectual stimulation where the teacher taught the children basic etiquette on how to address different people in their lives.

Addressing game station

The second station was for physical and social stimulation, where the children were given turns to play a sorting game.

2nd station

While waiting for her turn, Little E was busy entertaining us with her groovy moves, all the while chucking and giggling herself… ❤

The last station was the art & craft station. Today, Little E learned how to make a Mother’s Day craft for me! The children also did a Mother’s Day craft last week, which is different from this week’s. The mothers are all blessed!

The 2-hr Sunday school went by so quickly, and it was time again for snacks before everyone were dismissed. We bade farewell to everyone and went looking for J who was already waiting at the atrium after the worship service! Blessed week! 😀

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