Playdates with Abigail

Our first playdate with 3 yo Abigail, outside of Sunday school, was at Paragon’s indoor playground last Wednesday, on 13 May 2015. Both Little E and Abigail love the Chuggington train! They were shuttling between climbing about and sliding in the playground, or sitting in the train cars, enjoying free rides occasionally.

Today was the second time we met again for a playdate in Cool de Sac. Little E was spinning around excitedly when she saw the Marché cow at the entrance of Suntec City. When we reached Cool de Sac, she chanced upon an interesting scooter that had a colourful windmill mounted on it. So she balanced herself on it and attempted to ride it.

Abigail saw her from afar and came to cuddle Little E. It was such a sweet sight to behold. Both of them ascended onto the stage at the costume section and danced away. Okay… Little E was caught doing “killer squats” for quite a while. Lol!

Craft work

The 2 girls went separate ways after their “performance”. Abigail was building lego bricks, while Little E was busy at the craft station, where I taught her to make a caterpillar using coloured paper, glue, scissors and crayons.

Then we went to the toddler section for our girls to play with all the interactive toys, while Candy and I chatted and caught up with each other. We were there for a while before going to the other end where the big slides are. Both girls were climbing through the various obstacles, through tunnels of sorts, to reach the wavy slides.

The girls explored the area by themselves, going up and down the slides several times before they decided to “conquer” the tree house section. By now, Little E was already so good in climbing ladders, she wouldn’t want me to assist her at all, by pushing my hands away as she climbed.

Hello little one! Peeka, Peeka, Boo! Boo! Boo!!!

After 1.5 hrs of non-stop playing, the tots finally settled upon the see-saw, enjoying their mechanical ride together, working as a team! 🙂 We were delighted and blessed to see our tots cared for each other, hugged and loved each other with boundless joy, endless love, simple trust and genuine childlike faith. We are very thankful that Abigail and Little E have similar temperaments and played very well together. Praise the Lord!

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