Feeding the Turtles and Sparrows

Little E has always enjoyed feeding animals! 🙂 Today, we went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where we ran around the gardens, before settling down at the sinuous shores of the peaceful Eco-Lake.

Map run

Home to a family of elegant Black Swans, from Western Australia, as well as other important plant and animal species (including Little E’s favourite turtles), it is the ideal venue to wind down after a pram-run, beautifully set in a natural atmosphere.

J loves this video of Little E feeding the turtles and sparrows… A great one that we want to remember → her docile nature and love for animals at this tender age. To see our little one willingly offering docility and obedience to us in a flood of love and affection mean tons to us, a treasured beginning.

Docility really means teachability. To be docile is to be easy to teach, open-minded and eager to learn. It also means manageability and having a willingness to accept direction and discipline. It is a blessing and joy to see these virtues in Little E. She absorbs information with glee, understands and carry out instructions with joy, is open to and excited by new adventures, and can be taken anywhere and has a good time with nearly anything.

Of course, there were times when she lost her patience and became frustrated with simple things when she was overtired or felt insecure (because of my absence, which by the way was rare). But these are more than common in any toddler her age, and is considered a developmental milestone. We just want to be thankful continually, to the One who so graciously gave us this precious little one, for us to love her in His way. May The Lord lead and guide us to be worthy parents to Little E, and continue to transform us into what He has set for us to be → to be more like Christ Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father, we pray that You will continue to watch over us and our love ones, guiding us in Your way everlasting. May Your living Word (Jesus Christ) and written Word (Holy Bible) impact our hearts and convict us of the need to obey all that You have called us to do. Give us ears that are sensitive to Your calling and still small voice. Give us hearts that are willing and eager to please You through obedience and docility. And give us the courage to respond to Your Word and eyes that are fixed on You. May we be diligent in filling our minds with Your Word, both living and written, that we may be granted grace to become more like Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Thy will be done, not ours. 

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