Precious Moments with VA and Chinchillas

We went back to my parent’s place today. In a few days time, Bernard and VA will fly back to San Francisco for their last leg of wedding celebrations (after Singapore and Vietnam). Then we will not see VA till probably September (in SF) or next CNY (in SG).

A whole new level of pretend-play!

A whole new level of pretend-play!

Little E seemed to know that she will be missing her 舅妈 very soon, she enjoyed every bit of moment playing with VA while we were together. VA also took time just to cuddle and play with Little E as much as she could. They were such a sweet sight to behold.

We decided to bring Little E downstairs for a walk since it was quite cooling after an earlier heavy downpour. Little E was so happy to have VA walking with us, she ran and hopped and danced so happily, grinning from ear to ear all the while when we were out.

We walked towards the shops and decided to visit the House of Chinchilla. Having stayed in the estate for more than 20 years, and ever since the shop opened in 2009, I have never went in before. So today was the very first time all 3 of us visited this interesting shop.

So cute! Chinchilla

We were very welcomed by the shop owner, Mr Patrick, who made us feel so at ease the entire time while we were there. He saw our interests in his chinchillas, and did not hesitate to bring out several of these adorable creatures for us to pat and hold.

The standing chinchilla

Patrick even made his chinchillas performed tricks for us! How obedient they were! We were so impressed with how well-trained these adorable creatures are as we gazed at them with wonderment.

Patrick put the chinchilla on my shoulder, asked me to stretch out my hand straight towards him, and the chinchilla scrambled along the length of my limb and jumped onto its owner’s lap. Whoa! What a trick!

Little E stroking the chinchilla

Just like us, each and every chinchilla has a different temperament. Some were really active, and do not enjoy being held in our hands; while some are really gentle and acquiescent. We prefer the latter of course! So Patrick very kindly handed us one who was just happy to sit on VA’s lap while we fondled it as much as we wanted.

A customer came in with his pet to ask for Patrick’s help in grooming, and that was our call to leave. We walked home, feeling all warm and fuzzy in our hearts which are filled with sheer delight from having the opportunity to cuddle those furballs…

Bánh mì

Before we left for home, VA gave us 2 Vietnamese bánh mì to bring home for lunch. They couldn’t have been more authentic, because these bánh mì flew all the way from Vietnam! 🙂

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