Harvest Kidz 24052015

Harvest Kidz 24052015

Little E doing a puzzle during the free play period.

After a delectable dining experience at Aquamarine last night, we were looking forward to praise and worship with the church this morning! During Sunday school, after the free play, which was followed by the music & movement segment, the teachers led the little children in praise and worship. The tots were then gathered for the Bible story taken from Acts 27.

Water play in Sunday school

Setting the paper boats to sail on water.

All the little ones were then scattered into their respective colour groups for different activities. The first station that Little E went to was the water play station, where she learnt about sinking and floating. Each child took turns to set a boat on sail in the pail of water.

The second station she went to was the baby doll station, where she learnt how to care for a newborn baby. That was her first time holding and playing with a baby doll. She was very careful and gentle in her approach, it was like she understands how fragile a newborn is. I could see that she will make a very good 姐姐!

The last station was the art & craft station, where Little E learnt to press her index finger onto a flour-based playdoh to create a boat, before pasting it onto the “plate of ocean” which she has coloured earlier.

Abigail and Little E in a cuddle.

Abigail and Little E in a cuddle.

After each of the activity stations, the teachers were diligent in helping the children recite the memory verse for this month, which was “The Lord my God will be with me wherever I go.” taken from Joshua 1:9.

God bless!

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