PasarBella with 公公 and 舅妈

公公 and 舅妈 came to visit Little E today! She was exhilarated to see both of them appear at our door! With no need for any warming up, Little E played her current favourite game of “Finding Piglet’s ears” with VA. The game made her so glad, it was such a thrill to see them play together.

After Little E finished her breakfast cereals and peanut butter bread, we were all ready to venture out altogether as a family! But before that, see how she beamed cheekily after 公公 put on her socks and shoes for her.

We arrived at The Grandstand before 11 am. We walked around PasarBella because this is the first time VA and Dad were there. When I last brought Little E here during Calista’s birthday earlier this month, Little E was obsessed with watching the red-eared slider terrapins swimming about in their beautifully decorated aquarium displayed in the Pet Worlds shop. Today as we walked past the shop, she pointed at it and said “turtles” so we stopped by the shop to let her watch the little creatures…

She also loved the pair of cows set outside the cheese stall within PasarBella. VA carried her to sit on one of the cows, and she was so pleased with her riding that she kissed the cow after she dismounted it.

We stopped by almost all of the stalls and shops as we shopped around, because Little E wanted to explore each and every one of them. 😀

We even went up to the Unique Seafood Market where hundreds of aquariums containing fresh crabs, lobsters, clams, oysters, fish, etc. from all over the world were found. It is a seafood market supplying live seafood to Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant & Owen Seafood Restaurant on the same level.

By the time we explored the entire building, we were famished! Enter Scrumptious! → A western restaurant that serves value-for-money lunch sets, with a kids play area within the restaurant to boot! And a free Ribena drink for all kiddos!

The little kids corner is certainly large enough to keep our 21 mo well-entertained, with a library of picture board books, shelves of toys and blocks, a TV playing Rio the cartoon, and a chalk board for doodling.

Little E was very happy exploring and playing in her own world, while we grown-ups dug into our lunch sets! Dad and I had the chicken steak with spaghetti while VA chose the fish fillet so that we could all share and have a taste of everything.

Little E had a kids-size spaghetti bolognese, which she did not finish on-site, hence we asked the staff to help us pack it up so that I could continue to feed her back at home.

Happy Family at Scrumptious!

Happy Family at Scrumptious!

It was an enjoyable family outing with Dad and VA! How we wished VA will stay in Singapore longer, or forever! More exciting outings to come when she comes again! Yay!! ❤

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