Terrific Tuesday!

Little E was delighted when I told her to buckle up for the journey to my parents’ place, to meet 公公 and 舅妈. She was all giggles and chuckles while safely seated in her car seat as I drove her.

We reached my parents’ place under 15 min. Today is our last day with VA before she and Bernard fly to San Francisco. VA thought of so many creative games to play with Little E while we were there. Games that are simple to assemble, yet super duper fun to play with. She gave me lots of inspiration and motivation to re-create games for my little one back at home. 😀

During times of rest, Little E would wander back to my father for some doting love, sitting ever so comfortably in his embrace. That reminds me so much of myself when I was a child… I would always sit in my father’s embrace as we watched TV together…

We went back home for Little E’s nap in the afternoon, before we went out again this evening with J to Bugis+ for dinner at Laksania! J and I both had a craving for Laksa, so we decided to share the large portion of the Sarawak Laksa. Little E had already been fed, so we allowed her to explore the new surroundings while keeping a close eye on her.

Back home, our cheeky little one ransacked J’s waste paper basket, and climbed into it. We thought it was so funny and adorable at the same time, J picked up the basket with Little E in it, and paraded the house with her chuckling so happily, all the while squatting then standing straight as if she was jumping in the basket.

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