Long Weekend in Perth

Day 01: Singapore → Perth; Kailis Seafood Market; Max 22ºC, Min 7ºC.

We have been looking forward to this long weekend! It is our first time going to Perth, Western Australia’s capital that is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. We woke early this morning to catch the 9:30 am flight to Perth.

On the way to airport for Perth

All of us had a fuss-free breakfast of cereals with milk, afterwhich I prepared and packed enough snacks for Little E to nibble throughout the journey, consisting of pomegranates, peanut butter bread with orange marmalade, honey-toasted weetbix, etc.

We reached the airport with enough time to check in our luggage, and to settle the visa application right there at the airport service counter.

At the departure/transit lounge south in Terminal 3, we walked by the World-acclaimed Ippudo Express ramen, being foodies, we couldn’t give it a miss, so we shared a bowl of Hakata Mentai Tonkotsu ramen before presenting ourselves at the departure gate. While we slurped up the noodles, Little E had lotsa fun at the koi pond, watching the colourful fishes. She even joined in the to-and-fro 50-m dash with the other children at the pond!

We boarded the plane on time, but it took a long time for our plane to taxi from the departure gate to the runway due to the heavy traffic. Several planes were waiting to take off and were seen all lined up one after the other. It seemed to have become a run-of-the-mill circumstance because we have been experiencing this far too frequently, knowing that Singapore is one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia. Changi airport is afterall the World’s Best Airport (for years 2013 – 2015)!

Take off

J took the picture as our plane took off, leaving our beloved Singapore island behind. It was a beautiful sight.

Car rental

We reached Perth slightly under 5 hrs. The weather couldn’t have been better! 😀 Collected our luggage and excitedly dashed to collect our rental car! Packed in our luggage, secured baby’s car seat, and off we went to our accommodation with no time to waste!

View from our living room

We checked in to Fraser Suites Perth, our serviced residence for the next 3 nights. Strategically located within the central business district of Perth, the residences tower above the tranquil Swan River. From our one-bedroom premier apartment (700 sq ft), we could enjoy picturesque views of the beautiful Swan River and the vast verdancy of Langley Park and several other smaller parks that reside along the banks of the scenic Swan River. Apart from the panoramic view offered by our living room, we could also enjoy sights of the Swan River meandering through the heart of Perth, as we gazed towards the CBD area from our bedroom.

We had time to rest for half an hour in the comfort of the luxurious space that the apartment provided, before we drove to Fremantle harbour to meet Eida, a close friend of mine who is now residing in Perth. She has suggested to meet at Kailis Fish Market Café, which is known for serving fresh seafood, grilled to perfection. We love the award winning fish & chips too! Oh… And the seafood chowder… Pass me another bowl please! 👍🏻 Housed in its own building with indoor seats and alfresco dining on a deck, there are 3 sections handling their own orders and payments including one for the battered and fried, a fresh seafood market area and a bar counter for drink orders and desserts.

It would be lovely to sit on the docks by the waterfront to take in the excellent view of the harbour, boats and seagulls; and enjoy a slice of the Fremantle lifestyle. However, with temperatures dipping under 10°C after the sun set, we were happy to be kept warm and fuzzy indoor, as we enjoyed Eida’s company over good seafood.

RE with Eida

It is typical for Little E to warm up to people whom she has never seen before, we couldn’t believe it when she instantly stuck to Eida as if she was her BFF! Throughout the night, Little E just wanted Eida to carry her, and she laughed and giggled along when Eida asked her questions and spoke to her jestingly. Did I mention Eida is quite a facetious person? ;p She is totally marvellous!

Gifts from Eida

Eida even bought a bag full of gifts for us, including Australia’s famous Darrell Lea liquorice-chocolates, wooden board animal puzzle and the cutest dolphin plush toy for Little E. How much sweeter can a friend get? One who is as thoughtful and solicitous as Eida, is really hard to find. ❤

J gave me and Eida some time to catch up a little with each other by bringing Little E out to the docks. The number of sea gulls out there was enough to captivate Little E for quite a while. Before we left the eatery, Eida bought a scoop of ice-cream in the flavour of “fish and chips” for us to try… The fish oil-infused dessert took a little time for us to get used to, but hey! No harm trying it, especially since it’s freshly made from Fremantle’s best Fish & Chips restaurant!

We bade farewell to Eida and followed her suggestion to stop by at one of the IGA Supermarkets on our way home, to pick up some groceries for the next few days. We had a most wonderful day today despite the traveling. What a great day to start our Perth  adventure!

Good night!

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