Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Day 03: Kings Park & Botanic Garden; Max 23ºC, Min 6ºC.

Rise and shine! Love love love the perfect weather of Perth, every single day. We have planned to cover Kings Park and Botanic Garden today, and what better weather to enjoy one of the largest inner city parks in the world and the most popular destination in Western Australia! The morning air was crisp. The azure sky was beyond clear, literally cloudless, revealing an intense blue that charms the hearts of onlookers who would stop just to appreciate how beautiful it is.

Sandwiches for lunch

I made grilled cheese toast → sandwiched ham and roast chicken with the healthy multigrain bread that had became one with the melted Coon cheese that we love so much. Packed them into sandwich bags for a picnic lunch, and off we went to the gardens after our breakfast.

Ghost gum-lined road

We were greeted by rows and rows of ghost gums that lined the road as we entered Kings Park, their tall silver-grey trunks standing like a welcoming row of soldiers on either side.

Kings Park

From afar, we could already see Perth spread out to the horizon, looking proud and sublime against the blue expanse of the Swan River. We parked our car and began running towards the allure of the expansive view of the beautiful city.

Inching close to the farthest edge of the Kaarta Gar-up Lookout platform, what a view to behold! → Sweeping views of the Swan and Canning Rivers, the city skyline and the Darling Escarpment to the east! Even the panorama function of our cameras does not do it justice to capture the breathtaking panoramic vista that our eyes were seeing and processing.

Kaarta Gar-up Lookout

We stood there for a long time, enjoying the skin-calming breeze that accompanied the mild heat from the glaring sun, while taking in the view that beckoned us to stay yet a little longer.

We let Little E run around the spacious platform, all the while preventing her from going too close to the balusters, which seemed a little too wide for our comfort at the moment.

Track towards Cenotaph

We decided to move along the well-paved track, past the Frasers Restaurant, and walked with her towards the Cenotaph, a prominent feature that stood out in the near distance.

Frasers restaurant

Frasers Restaurant & Function Centre combines fine dining with fabulous views across Perth and the Swan River.

Home to the State War memorial, the roads within Kings Park are lined with more than a thousand Eucalyptus trees, each co-located with a plaque dedicated to the memory of a Western Australian serviceman or woman who died in either World War.

War memorial at Kings Park

The Cenotaph is a prominent feature of Kings Park.

We spent a considerable amount of time in the vast area, and Little E was more than happy being the explorer she is. She typically enjoyed the merry-go-round swing with J, laughing heartily as both of them indulged in an exuberant dose of twirling fun.

J swinging E

We couldn’t get enough of the spectacular bird’s eye view of Perth city, so we returned to the pavement and took more shots with it.

We thanked God for the beautiful day and for giving us the perfect weather to spend the day out in the gardens. We thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment admiring the wonderful and lush surroundings within the park. Our little one full of smiles and all ready to experience Kings Park and the Western Australian Botanic Garden as well!

Kings Park is home to the spectacular Western Australian Botanic Garden, which displays over 3,000 species of the State’s unique flora. Two thirds of the 400 hectare park is protected as bushland and provides a haven for native biological diversity. We had one last sweeping glance towards the horizon afar before treading onwards into the Botanic Garden of Western Australia.

Last view of Perth

There were bushland walk trails, immaculate gardens and parklands, all set to display the flora and fauna that are unique to Australia. As we continued walking, our eyes were drawn to a spouting fountain that was naturally adorned with a beautiful band of rainbow across it.

Pioneer Woman fountain

It was the Pioneer Women’s Memorial, which consists of a free-form lake, a bronze sculpture of a woman holding a child in her arms, and many smaller fountains that randomly emit torrents of water high into the air. Located in the heart of the Western Australian Botanic Garden, this water spectacular plays to honour the pioneer women of Western Australia.

Break for lunch

And this became the perfect site for us to take a break, it was not difficult to find a pleasant spot to sit before the fountain, upon the cool green grass, to enjoy watching the rhythmic fountains as we gobbled up our home-made lunch.

JE on the Lotterywest Federation Walkway

Following our short repose, we ventured through the Wildflower and Peppermint lawns and came upon the Lotterywest Federation Walkway.

Built high up in the Eucalypt treetops, as we tread onto the elevated glass Walkway bridge, we enjoyed the views overlooking the Swan and Canning Rivers, the historical Swan Brewery Building and South Perth.

We trod on… with Little E occasionally lifted to sit comfortably on J’s shoulders, through the 620-metre long Walkway, finally ending up at the DNA Tower, which is the highest viewing point in Kings Park with spectacular views throughout the climb. I was the only one who climbed up the 101-step tower, just to have a bird’s eye view of where exactly we were in the park, so that we could return back to our car in the shortest time possible. At that point, we have declared we had enough of all the walking for today.

Crawley Edge Boatshed

We hopped into our car without hesitation, and drove along May Drive as well as Lovekin Drive to explore more parts of the massive Park before we headed home for a much-needed nap. On our way home, J successfully navigated us towards the Crawley Edge Boatshed. Who can deny the plain beauty of this famous blue shed? It is probably one of the most photographed and iconic boat house in Western Australia!

Autumn in Perth

On our way back, we managed to capture the beauty of Autumn in Perth, where the leaves started to turn a charming golden brown. Hmmm… what a pretty sight to behold as we gazed at the rustling copper leaves against the cloudless cerulean sky. God is amazing. We thanked our awesome Creator and praised Him for His magnificent works in nature, as well as in our hearts. Thank You Lord for giving us life, and most importantly, for giving us the opportunity to know You personally.

There is none like Thee, indeed. There is none like Thee.

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