Last Day in Perth

Day 04: Perth → Singapore; Max 21ºC, Min 6ºC.

We woke up naturally without the buzz of our alarm clock. As usual, J the early bird woke the earliest and Little E, the latest… We had our hearty wholesome breakfast of avocados, milk cereal and toasts, and decided to check out early, so that we could check out Mill Point before we headed to the airport.

Perth Skyline

We drove along Mill Point Road to Sir James Mitchell Park, and came upon a metal platform lookout point that offers an excellent panoramic view of Perth’s skyline across the Swan River. The incredibly gorgeous and wispy clouds that God created and put forth in the sky today, provided the perfect backdrop for Perth’s CBD to be captured on our phone camera.

Rental car bay

We drove straight to the rental car bay at the airport, parked it at its original parking lot, and were all ready to head home.

At the souvenir shop, Little E loved the koala neck rest pillow so much she couldn’t stop flexing it on her shoulders, while looking absolutely adorable at the same time.

We will certainly miss the cool fresh air of Perth, and all the places we had visited during this trip. Given its proximity to Singapore, we will definitely return soon to explore more of what it has to offer! 😀

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