Although we did miss Perth quite a bit, it felt good to be back home again! J was back to his daily work routine, while Little E and I had nothing planned for today! Hence, we decided to utilise the Kiddyfun voucher we received from Calista’s 2nd birthday party this morning.


School holiday had started, so we were expecting Kiddyfun to be more crowded than usual, even though it’s Tuesday today. However, for the 1.5 hr we were there, only 2 toddlers, 1 preschooler and 1 baby were present! Yay! That means we had plenty of space to run wild and pretty much had the entire indoor playground to ourselves.

Not long after we entered, the 5 yo preschooler had approached Little E to play with her. Being the usual cautious baby she is, Little E did not accept her invitation immediately. She was enjoying the thrills of bouncing around and indulging in the ball pit all by herself.

After persistent coercing from the preschooler, Little E finally opened up and followed “jie jie” to the building area. They built towers together… and Little E enjoyed passing “jie jie” the different blocks that were needed.

When the British toddler knocked down their tower, “jie jie” took Little E by the hand and went over to the water platform. She collected several blocks from the building area and dumped them into the platform, telling Little E to start fishing. Somehow, their imagination and play-pretend became so fun that Little E enjoyed the “fishing game” so much that she was beaming throughout the game.

The fishing game quickly changed to a crocodile snapping game without any warning… Hahaha! That was Little E mimicking “jie jie” the snapping crocodile…

Crocodile snap

The two girls played very well, and had a ball of a time together! While the kiddos played, I was happily chatting with the two mothers present in the play area. We talked about many things, and time flew past quickly.

These were the last shots in my phone camera before we bade farewell to our new friends. Loving every moment of being with Little E… Couldn’t get enough of it… ❤

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