Sparkanauts Giveaway!

Today marks Little E’s last class in Sparkanauts’ Junior Pilots category! She would be promoted to the Pilots category for the next term. Little E arrived at Sparkanauts cheerful and feeling cheeky as usual…

As soon as she saw Teacher Beatrice, she reached for her hat in the pram and quickly put it on for her teacher to see… 😀

During warmup before the class started, Teacher Beatrice took Little E to play with some magnetic blocks, and allowed Little E to try out the circuit set up for today’s class.

Her classmate Janessa was the only other student who turned up for class today. When the clock struck 9:30 am, the teachers called for them to gather in front, ready to sing the greeting song. A revision of last week’s words was performed, and the tots were asked to match the word cards to the correct pictures that depicted the different parts of various leaves.

The 2 girls were quick in their matching game and completed it in no time. Little E ran to the instrument box and picked her all-time favourite – the drum and its matching drumsticks, for this week’s theme song “The Flowers in the Garden”.

Came circuit time, and Little E went around it three times, crawling through tunnels, stepping over obstacles and balancing herself on the balance beam…

Huffing and puffing after the workout from completing the circuit, the girls were introduced to different species of butterflies. The activity portion required them to identify the difference between the viceroy and the monarch butterflies. Little E was particularly interested in the topic when she heard that the viceroy butterfly is palatable, but the monarch is poisonous.


Can you tell the difference? The girls were then handed a card that has the picture of a monarch butterfly, and were asked to draw the black line on its wings to turn it into a viceroy butterfly!

After completing the activity, the girls took turns to swing on the trapeze. I have noticed that they have both became stronger, as they were able to hang on the hand-bar for a much longer time. Their core muscles were strengthened too, because they could now easily lift up their legs while they were swinging. Of course, these came with a boost in their self-confidence and bravery too!

Then Teacher Beatrice called out, “It’s time to make a circle!” And the children joined in for parachute time, which was followed by the Mystery Box, which they tapped upon and counted their numbers before opening it.

Each week, they were given a bag of materials to work on, according to the weekly theme. Last week, Little E was molding playdoh to create different shapes for the columnar, pyramidal, round, weeping trees that she had just learned that week. Today, she was given materials to create an artwork of a beautiful flower using cotton, pipe cleaner, and crayons for colouring.

During music appreciation class, we continued to play the chyme bars for the song we learnt last week “Canon in D”. It was beautiful!

We are usually not in a hurry to go home after class, and we were never hurried by the teachers in any way to leave. Instead, they were encouraging as they gave feedback and pointers for us to look out for and to work on back at home.

We were very glad to have found Sparkanauts and that Little E enjoyed her classes there so much. Looking back, she was so timid when we first joined… Now, I couldn’t believe how much she has grown, not merely in her abilities and physical strength, but I also saw how she has developed confidence and independence in the skills she has learnt.

Piano love

GIVEAWAY ALERT!! (This Giveaway is now closed!)

We have benefitted from Sparkanauts, and would not hesitate to share its goodness! Sparkanauts has very kindly given us Two Sparkanauts trial class passes worth $58 each for our readers.

To enter the giveaway contest:

1. Tell us what is your favourite blogpost on JREmembrance, and why is it your favourite.
2. Tell us why do you want to win the trial pass.
3. Form 3 words (consisting of at least 4 letters each) from the letters found in the word “Sparkanauts”, and write them in the comment box below. 

Two blessed winners will be selected based on the best answers to the above three questions.


*This giveaway is for first-time Sparkanauts students only. 

Sparaknauts is located in SAFRA Toa Payoh.
293 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, SAFRA Toa Payoh, #02-01, Singapore 319387
T: (65) 6259 0307 | Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm

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One Response to Sparkanauts Giveaway!

  1. Samantha says:

    1. My favourite post is ‘Baby E’s ONEderful Birthday Party’
    Simply because as a mother myself, celebrating our child’s 1st birthday encompasses many things to be thankful for in the year that has passed since her birth.
    For my husband and I, we are extremely grateful to God for healing our daughter from dengue (I had dengue at my 38th week of pregnancy and had to undergo emergency c-sec to save her life. After the op, our daughter was also tested positive for dengue and was in NICU for 10 days). We are also thankful for all her little milestones, and the laughter and smiles she brings into our lives… The joy of her presence overrides all the sleepless nights and initial breastfeeding challenges! Overall, we have emerged stronger as a couple and a family so praise God.
    I especially like how you personally made Elizabeth’s birthday cake! Many parents go to the extent of spending loads of money to buy 3D/4D cakes… To me, though these elaborate cakes look really nice in photos, but the sentimental ol’ me still prefers to DIY and to personally bake for my loved ones =)

    2. Based on your reviews of Sparkanauts, the activities look very engaging and exciting for our children! I hope to win this trial pass so that I can bring our 2 year old daughter there to further explore.

    3. a) Spartan, b) Pasta, and c) Truss

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