Weekend Fun

J was on call this eventful weekend. We had the pleasure of attending church on Saturday, while I brought Little E to watch a play on Sunday morning.

Little E had an enriching evening in Harvest Kidz on Saturday evening. It had been quite a while since we last attended church on a Saturday, because of Growing Kids God’s Way, which is conducted on Saturdays for this year. Hence, it was really delightful for us to see the Saturday teachers yesterday.

As it was the first weekend of the month, we celebrated the birthdays of June babies! and were blessed to have the birthday cake during snack time! Like me, Little E certainly enjoys her sweets!

Supporting Singapore!

Today, while on the way to watch the Gingerbread Man, we saw an artwork installation for the 28th SEA Games, outside Raffles City! Known as the Bell of Inspiration, the art piece is a SEA Games Art Project overseen by professional photographer, Angie-Tan Burns and artist and paralympian Mr Gregory Burns, with contributions by SOTA and ITE College East students. The Bell of Inspiration comprises of 1 main bell and 11 smaller bells that represent 11 different participating countries of the SEA Games.

To show our support for Singapore, we rang the Singapore bell, which was hung right next to the bell for Vietnam (VA’s hometown). Out of so many bells in front of her, the first bell that Little E rang was the Vietnam bell, before I asked her to ring the Singapore bell. She sure knows how to please her beloved 舅妈. 😀

We were one of the first few who arrived early at the Jubilee Hall of Raffles Hotel. As it was an impromptu last minute decision to watch this play, and it was the very last show of the production, we had to buy the tickets on site. Thank God the team made it possible for us to do so, and gladly granted us 2 seats for the show.

The interesting family musical was brought back by popular demand. The clever use of a colourful collection of life-size stage props and hilarious live puppeteers and characters, along with funny catchy songs and musical acts that rendered the show too entertaining to not laugh along… Little E was captivated as she sat on the edge of her booster seat, eyes wide opened to not miss any part of the show.

The Gingerbread Man

I was very glad to have brought Little E to watch The Gingerbread Man, despite knowing that this 50 min play was produced specifically for children aged 3 and above. It turned out to be the best 21 month old birthday treat for her!

She thoroughly enjoyed the sweet spread of all that the tasty tale presented on stage. And the bonus? This sweet treat came frosted with valuable lessons to learn, and interesting thinking points for young and old alike. We are already looking forward to enjoying more plays together!

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