Duck Tours!

Following our brief encounter with our neighbours at City Link Mall a couple days ago, we thought what a great idea it is to ride on board Duck Tours! Our neighbours are such inspiring people, because of them, we caught the Strawberry Shortcake Live show yesterday, and today we embarked on a land and sea adventure, being a tourist in our own country.

Duck Tours

After church this afternoon, we turned up at the crowded counter to check for tickets availability. We booked the last ride at 6:00 pm on the same day, and returned home to have lunch and snooze our afternoon away.

Duck Tours

Our DUCK was assigned with a well-versed tour guide who is also a proud Singaporean! Of  the 20 passengers on board the remodelled World War II amphibious Vietnamese war craft, we were the only Singaporeans, not surprisingly!

Duck Tours

We were informed that the passengers in the front seats would get a splashing good time, when the DUCK descends into the water from dry land. At that juncture, I was hoping I could change seats with them! :p

The hour-long expedition brought us up close to Singapore’s signature skyline, historical landmarks and its gorgeous bay view.

Singapore's skyline

Along with the vistas our eyes were beholding, we learnt much about the history and information facts about Singapore landmarks of the past and the present.

Historical landmarks

Little E was most excited when she spotted the archetypal symbol of Singapore when the DUCK encroached the Merlion Park, where the large statue stands in front of the Fullerton Hotel facing the Marina Bay, continually gushing water from its mouth.


We definitely enjoyed the educational tour and believe that every Singaporean should experience it at least once.

By night, the skyline glows and sparkles with aesthetically-lit building crowns and facades that create memorable night scenes.

This is our country. This is our home. We are proud to be Singaporeans.

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