Dome Invasion at Gardens by the Bay


The last time Little E and I went to the domes, we had a fantastic and fun time with Cheryl, her mom, and her two boys. Taking advantage of the SG50 perks, I brought my parents, together with my 24/7 sidekick to visit the domes at Gardens by the Bay today.

The latest floral display in the Flower Dome features inter-racial favourite nursery rhymes  that not only caters to children with its life-size display, the idea of appreciating the nursery rhymes blossoming into real life is particularly interesting to adults as well.

Mother Goose at Flower Dome

The first Nursery Rhyme display we came across was the Mother Goose! the figurative character where a collection of fairytales, folklores and rhymes popularized in the 1700’s in English-language literature came from. How apt for Mother Goose to be displayed at the forefront to welcome visitors into the “Flowery Fun Times with Nursery Rhymes” floral exhibition!

From the expansive view we beheld upon entry into the conservatory, which replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions like South Africa, California and parts of Spain and Italy, we found a diverse collection of trees, plants and flowers that cannot be found in Singapore, as we took a leisurely stroll through the glass-panelled belvedere.

The sloping terrain led us nigh to the colourful flower beds that were elaborately decorated with icons of various favoured nursery rhymes. The first display was “Mango, Mango Fruit” a tamil rhyme, which also depicted elephants dressed according to Indian customs and traditions, in the midst of numerous bouquets of hydrangea.

Oh! How I adore these pom-pom resembling flowering plants! Seeing them today reminded me of our extensive use of hydrangea for our church wedding. From floral decorations up on stage, down to the rows of pews, that lined the red-carpeted aisle upon which our feet trod. ❤

The next display we admired was the chinese rhyme “小蜜蜂” (Little Bees). I love how chrysanthemums were used to construct the heads and bodies of the giant bees. They looked so beautiful!


Even Little E was fascinated by the seemingly-real bees that worked so hard to collect the pollen and nectar, to transform them into honey. She was calling out, “Bees! Bees!”.

As we made our way to the next flower bed, “The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe” display which also happened to be situated right in the centre of the conservatory, stood out among the rest. I especially love a Christian version of this popular rhyme:

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe,
She had so many children, and loved them all, too.
She said, “Thank you Lord Jesus, for sending them bread.”
Then kissed them all gladly and sent them to bed.”

Baa Baa Black Sheep

When Little E saw the black sheep between the 2 white sheep, she was already singing, “Baa Baa Black Sheep…” Till this point, I was very happy to have brought my parents and Little E to this exhibition. It was sheer exhilaration for Little E to walk into the dome that had nursery rhymes playing in the background, and to behold all the greater-than-life sized displays of the nursery rhymes characters. My parents too, enjoyed the experience in the sweet-smelling cool conservatory!

Next up was “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”! With the animals and barn, this display couldn’t be mistaken for another.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

And so was “Mary Had a Little Lamb”…

Humpty Dumpty

… and “Humpty Dumpty”! which sat near the exit of the Flower Dome. Before we left the Flower Dome, we spent some time to admire the interactive wall and learn how the little things we do affect nature. Perched on the multimedia screens, we also discovered and learnt about the life-cycle and pollination of the baobab and banksia trees, as well as the role of animals in the plant eco-system.

My parents were amazed by the giant waterfall when we entered the Cloud Forest. We all love the welcoming vapourised breeze the waterfall brought upon us upon our entry, except for Little E, who was startled by the loud sound and magnificence of the water feature.

Mother at Cloud Forest

We took the elevator up to the top floor, and climbed up a flight of stairs to begin our exploration in the Lost World, which is the highest point of the mountain. Then we made our way down to a plateau below via the Cloud Walk, which allowed us to appreciate the epiphytes plant species that clad onto the side of the mountain.

Cloud Forest

As we walked around the mountain on the bridges that extend outwards from the core of the mountain, the design allowed us to appreciate an encompassing view of the mountain that is densely planted with a mixture of fascinating orchids, delicate ferns, colourful bromeliads, dazzling begonias and menacing carnivorous pitcher plants.

Family photo at the waterfall viewpoint

At the Waterfall View platform, we stopped to have a family photo taken! ❤ I must say my mommy looks much slimmer in real life. This photo really did not do her justice because of the widening effect at the edge! I love my mommy!

Waterfall in Secret Gardens

At the foot of the mountain, we entered the Secret Garden, where we walked behind a beautiful waterfall, through a gorge surrounded by colourful gingers and heliconias and other fascinating foliage.

Spotted orchid

My nature-loving father and I were particularly mesmerised by the captivating purple-spotted orchid. It is so beautiful and delicate, it melted my heart to know that my God is such an awesome Creator. An Artist in a league of His own. There is no one like Him. He is my Heavenly Father. ❤ ❤ ❤

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