Father’s Day Celebration at Ritz Carlton

Tomorrow is Father’s Day! To celebrate this special occasion for the man in my life, J and I have decided to book an impromptu staycation at Ritz Carlton after passing by the 6-star hotel during our ride on Duck Tours.

Upon J’s return from his usual morning ward round, Little E was all ready to be packed into our luggage – She carefully placed her cloth rabbit into the luggage, followed by laying herself down in the small confines of the American Tourister!

Psalm 128 on J's bible

This blessed morning, our family whatsapp chat group had Mum and Dad referring us to Psalm 128. As J opened his bible to where his bookmark (our photo cards) was left, there was Psalm 128 right there, waiting to be read. Praise the Lord!

Marina Bay view from Ritz Carlton

We arrived at the Level 32 Club Lounge of Ritz Carlton for personalised check-in, where spectacular views of the Marina Bay and Singapore skyline can possibly be regarded as perfect and unparalleled. 😱

Little E enjoyed the ultra-plush king bed in our suite, and fell asleep soon for her afternoon nap!

Afternoon tea at Ritz Carlton

By the time she awoke from her beauty sleep, the Club Lounge was serving its afternoon tea. We took our time to savour the mid-day snacks, that included freshly baked scones, roast beef and smoked salmon sandwiches, indian vegetarian samosas, as well as chocolate pralines, macarons and fruit juices, among many other tasty offerings.

View from Club Lounge kitchen

The view from the other side of the Club Lounge was nothing less than exceptional as well.

Singapore Flyer

As though the views we enjoyed in Ritz Carlton had not already taken our breath away, we hopped onto the Singapore Flyer for more breathtaking and panoramic views of our beloved country.

View from Singapore Flyer

The last time we were on the Singapore Flyer was on 4 March 2008, when J and I were still going out as a couple. How time flies! We did the same pose as 7 years ago. 😜How lovely and what a blessing to have Little E in the picture! 😍 And boy! J still looks as young as he was in 2008! ❤

We took many family selfies (aka “wefies”) while on board the giant ferris wheel. We find wefie-taking to be romantic, intimate and deeply personal. ☺️

Of course, we also had the opportunity to have a proper family photo taken, by a co-passenger from India. Thanks to him, the family photo turned out to be one of the very best we have to-date.

Family photo on Singapore Flyer

Little E was excited and full of joy most of the time while we were in the capsule, which took us from ground level all the way up to 165 metres at its highest point.

Throughout the 30 min voyage, we had time to admire Singapore, talked to our co-passengers who came from San Diego, Philadelphia, India and Istanbul. We helped one another capture memories of iconic Singapore on board the Singapore Flyer.

Family photo at highest point on Singapore Flyer

Once again, we were the only proud Singaporeans in our capsule, just like we were on Duck Tours. It is fun being a tourist in your own country!

We took our last wefies as the capsule made its way down. Scanning through the excellent photos we procured in our phones, we didn’t need to purchase the photo taken earlier by the Singapore Flyer team before we entered the capsule. 😀

Family photo with Singapore skyline

We walked along the promenade upon exit from the Singapore Flyer grounds, and continue to admire what Singapore has achieved in the 50 years that it has thrived. Without the amazing insight and farsightedness that our forefathers had, Singapore wouldn’t have been what it is today. It is a pity Mr LKY has passed on before we could all celebrate SG50 together as one nation, one people, one Singapore. But his legacy will continue to live on.

Marina Square

We walked from the Singapore Flyer, past The Float @ Marina Bay, towards the Esplanade, and finally ended up in Marina Square. It was a delight to find ourselves reminiscing the good ol’ times at the SG50 playground exhibition at the Central Atrium, known as “It’s Playtime Once More”.

Of course, Little E was exhilarated to explore the colourful display of playground structures that used to occupy the sandy playgrounds during the early years of Singaporeans.

The difference is that they are not the real thing! Instead of mosaic tiles, the playground structures were adorned with mosaic look-alike sticker-prints that were pasted onto their surfaces. They were all made of firm and sturdy platforms that can still withstand the weight of children.

Beside the climbing structures, swing and see-saw, there were also several old school games like gasing spinning, capteh kicking, flipping flag erasers, five-stones, and origami folding showcased at different stations.

This SG50 playground exhibition at Marina Square brought back fond memories of playtime during our younger days, when we used to spend hours happily playing catching, 瞎眼猫, etc. while expending pent-up energy. Those were the days when we played creatively and grew up without phones and tablets.

Kolo mee for dinner

Instead of indulging in a lavish dinner celebration, we slurped up our favourite Kolo Mee in the comfort of our suite at Ritz Carlton! Simple, cheap and so delicious! And that wonderfully summed up our blessed Father’s Day celebration!

Night view of Marina Bay

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